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Student Leadership @ Canberra

CCE Department
Presented by Lee Peiyan

Our Belief

Every Canberrian can be nurtured to be a Leader

Student Leaders Motto

For the Pupils, By the Pupils

+ Attributes of a Canberra Student Leader

Cares for people
Able to lead and influence others in a responsible way A team player

A good role model of character, self-discipline

Practice active learning and displays the innovative spirit Always determined to pursue for excellence in all aspects of life

Our Approaches
Level 4
Head Prefect Deputy Head Prefect Heads of Department

Level 3
Senior Prefects (P5 & P6) CCA Leaders PE Captains

Level 2
Junior Prefects (P3 & P4) CCA Leaders PE Monitors

Level 1
Class Support Group (P1 to P6)

Training Leaders

Student Leadership Camp March holidays

CIP for Student Leaders Riverside Sec Leadership Camp (for selected P5 prefects)

Monthly Prefects meeting

School Events planning & training Focus Group Discussions Leadership training (For Monitors/ PE Monitors/ CCA Leaders)

Prefects Investiture 2013

Student Leadership Camp


Day Celebration
Prefects recorded messages of thanks from the pupils and presented during Teachers Day concert.


Focus Group Discussion

Senior Prefects and the EXCO committee conducted focus group discussions with representatives from every class from P1 P6 at the end of every semester.


Buddy Program

Prefects will be helping the new P1 pupils during 1st week of Term 1 to familarise themselves to recess time. They teach them how to buy food, proper way of queuing, personal hygiene.

& Found Program

Prefects carried out morning assembly talks to remind pupils to keep their belongings properly. Setting up booth during recess to write names on their belongings.



Olympics/ Carnival




MidAutumn Festival

Prefects from the Liaison Department served as Student Tour Guides and brought visitors around the school and telling them wonderful stories of learning in the school.

Prefects teamed up with PSG to set up game booths for the lower primary pupils during Childrens Day celebrations. PE monitors and prefects also helped out during the Kids Olympics sports day for lower primary pupils.



Prefects served as student ushers to welcome visitors for different school events.

Prefects planned activities to introduce the new P1 pupils to the school and get to know one another. They also taught them the school values.