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NIKHIL.S Sudeshbhavan Vellamthetty Padam P.O., Kollam(Dist) Kerala-689696 ndia Ph! "9#$%&'(%#9## )ob!"98$%#%'$99 * mail! ni+hil,t,m-.mail./om

0o obtain a / o,,ortunity 1ith a leadin. /or,orate 2irm that 1ill bene2it 2rom my hi.hly develo,ed or.ani3ational, inter,ersonal and leadershi, s+ills, am sel2 motivated and out.oin.

Professional Qualification
4uali2i/ation )aster o2 9usiness :dministration Sub5e/t ;inan/e nstitution :)S *n.ineerin. <olla.e 6niversity :nna 6niversity 7ear '==8'=#= 8emar + Se/ur ed %8> mar+s

?or+ed as a /ommodity dealer 1ith 9ullion /om trade. 0hiruvalla (De/ember '=#=-O/tober'=##) ' ?or+ed as a ) 0o maintainin. D SS Kalan5oor St.<om <oo.(> )ar+s Plus 01o 1ith :shiCue *nter.Aca e!ic Qualification 4uali2i/atio n De.ust )uties an Res(onsibilities #. 0hiruvalla (@ovember'=## B:u. the daily o. System :.8> mar+s Se/ure d 6& Pa/+a.eratin.S.ura m 6niversity Kerala 6niversity 9oard O2 Di.erations o2 the bran/h )eet as 1ell as D@ /ustomers . :s a )ana.eration <ommer/ e State syllabus nstitution nstitute O2 <ommer/e Eovt.her se/ondary *Famination 9oard O2 Publi/ *Famination 7ear '==&'==8 '==('==& '==( 8emar + Se/ure d $%.O22i/e.e ! ? @DO?S ! )S. %or& E'(erience #..$> mar+ Se/ure d &=.< "ec#nical A$areness 1ith 9ullions <om 0rade.ree Sub5e/t 9.hens DSS Pathana.Ste.ust '=#() ( ?or+ed as bran/h mana.rises /ali/ut '=#till date ) (:u.

servi/e 9road /onta/ts on .und start u.er2orman/e o2 the sta22 and 2iFin. Personal )etails Date o2 birth @ationality )artial Status 8eli.ed a//ount . :s a /ommodity dealer < Hobbies Gistenin.ed the .reatest stren.ayable and a//ount re/eivable )ana.Deal 1ith /ustomer Cueries and /om.etty /ash Stren*t# 0rust 1orthy and dedi/ation are my .##.athers @ame ! ! ! ! ! '6. and drivin.laints Promote and mar+et the business 0o monitor the . travelin. the duty <ondu/tin.rivate eCuity 2irms and mer/hant traders )ana. to musi/.etitive intelli.ionA<aste .#98% ndian Sin.en/e 2or /lients on trends . sessions to the ne1 asso/iates '. trainin.le Dindu A *3hava Sudeshan K .

ort @o.uram Date ! NIKHIL.Gan.lish. Date o2 ssue Date o2 * +no1n ! *n.iry Pla/e o2 issue K$9=6$#6 ='A=%A'=#' =#A=%A'='' 08 V:@D86) )E+LARA"ION /on2irm that the in2ormation 2urnished above are true and /orre/t to the best o2 my +no1led. )alayalam Dindi and 0amil Pass(ort )etails Pass.e and belie2.S . Pla/e! Pathana.