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Focus: Learning Standard(s): Objective(s):

Language Arts 4.1.2, 4.3.1(b) By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: i. ii. Produce some creative props with guidance. sing an action song with guidance.

Time: Teaching Aid(s): Cross Curricular Element(s):

60 minutes Picture cards, lyrics chart, prop Creativity and Innovation

Introduction: a. Greet pupils. b. Pupils reply. Set Induction: a. Pupils recall the six words learnt: cat, kid, sit, nap, mat, cot based on picture cards shown. b. Pupils identify the pictures and say the words. (Appendix 2) Step 1: a. Distribute pictures and envelopes. Pupils cut out pictures. (Appendix 3) b. Pupils paste pictures of cat, kid, sit and nap on individual envelopes. (each pupils will get two pictures and two envelopes) Step 2: a. Display the lyrics. (Appendix 1) b. Teach the song. Pupils repeat. c. Pupils put their hands in the envelope. d. Pupils sing with actions using the props made.

On a mat. . Sit and nap. Cat and kid. Cat and kid. Pupils decorate their props. Pupils perform in their groups. b. The group with the best performance is declared the winner. c. Sit and nap.(colour the pictures) Appendix 1 Cat and kid. Sit and nap. Sit and nap. Closure: a. Cat and kid. Assess pupils.Step 3: a. Consolidation: a. Pupils sing the song together again. In a cot.

Appendix 2 .


m a t .

Appendix 3 sit a cat nap kid .