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BACKGROUND The concept of electroluminescent (EL) materials is based on the exposure of an electroluminescent substance to a high frequency electrical field, in contrast to photoluminescence in which a light source is needed to provide stimulation. EL polymer sheets are created using micro-encapsulated phosphors and by screen-printing the above on to plastic sheets. Current EL sheets are manufactured by sandwiching the EL ink (electro-conductive polymer binder and micro-encapsulated EL powder) between two conductive coating layers. THE TECHNOLOGY The concept of creating washable and flexible EL textiles, however, is yet to be fully developed. A new technology is being developed in the William Lee Innovation Centre (School of Materials, University of Manchester) which enables truly wearable or fully integrated textile structures capable of emitting a range of coloured light in response to electrical stimulation (see opposite). KEY BENEFITS • • • • Increased durability, flexibility and washability. Yarns can be processed via existing manufacturing methods. Premium yarn product Versatility - range of textile structures can be fabricated.

APPLICATIONS EL yarns can be integrated into textiles for wearable applications, which will impact on the way of life for many people. The demand for functional fibres is rapidly increasing. Some important application areas of our EL yarn are: • • • • Automotive & transport sector Building & construction Health & Safety (PPE) Effect Garments UMIP - REPUTATION AND VALUE THROUGH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY®

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY An international patent has been filed.g.clarke@umip. COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITY The technology is currently at a ‘Proof-of-Principle’ status. consumer Specialist yarn manufacture Electroluminescent lighting applications CONTACT Simon Clarke. 46 Grafton Street.REPUTATION AND VALUE THROUGH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY® . Core Technology Facility. The team would like to hear from companies with interests in: • • • Clothing. Licensing Manager. Tel: + 44 (0) 161 306 8510 UMIP . e. Manchester M13 9NT simon. safety.