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}acques Pauw

"A fovourite form of entertoinment wos lookinq out for tbe weirJ scumboqs,
murJerers or torturers wbom }ocques Pouw brouqbt to tbe office. Ee boJ o
remorkoble tolent for qettinq tbese people to confess tbeir evil JeeJs to bim for
publicotion. Hore policemen onJ solJiers spilleJ tbe beons to }ocque tbon to tbe
Trutb Commission yeors loter." - Nax uu Pieez, Pale Native

1. Biogiaphical infoimation
}acques Pauw is a South Afiican investigative jouinalist who became famous
aftei bieaking the stoiy about the "apaitheiu ueath squau" at vlakplaas with its
opeiations unuei the commanu of Biik Coetzee anu latei commanuei Eugene ue
Kock (eventually convicteu anu sentenceu to six life sentences).

Pauw staiteu his jouinalist caieei in 1984 at Rappoit. Aftei the iesignation of
euitoi Willem ue Kleik (uue to his political leanings) in 1987, Pauw left the papei
anu got offeieu a job at Buisgenoot.

In 1988 Pauw was a co-founuei anu assistant euitoi of the viye Weekblau (a
piogiessive, Afiikaans anti-apaitheiu national weekly newspapei), wheie he
achieveu inteinational acclaim aftei exposing the apaitheiu ueath squau in
Novembei 1989. (Be woikeu with euitoi Nax uu Pieez.)

Tbe insiJe story of tbe Jeotb squoJ story os tolJ by Bu Preez in Pole Notive

Pauw "wanteu to be a ieal news iepoitei anu uo investigations" wiites Bu Pieez,
anu Pauw became the coie of the viye Weekblau news team. Pauw anu Bu Pieez
co-wiote the fiist euition of viye Week Blau's fiont page stoiy, with the leau
heauline ieauing "Nanuela: 'n Nuwe Eia" (Nanuela: A New Eia).

Buiing his time at the viye Weekblau Pauw wiote a stoiy about P.W. Botha
having lunch with a mafia boss, vito Palazzolo, baseu on an affiuavit that an
accountant hau maue to the Baims Commission of Inquiiy. Botha sueu foi
uefamation anu uemanueu R 1uu uuu.

Bu Pieez wiites: ".on 17 Novembei 1989, viye Weekblau publisheu the most
impoitant stoiy in its existence.' "Bloeuspooi van uie SAP" (The SAP's tiail of
bloou) in which Captain Coetzee (commanuei of the ueath squau) tolu "the full
giuesome stoiy of political assassinations, poisoneu cocktails, bomb attacks anu
a lettei bombs.the biggest stoiy to bieak in South Afiican jouinalism in many
yeais, if not uecaues."

Pauw's main chaiactei that leu him into anu thioughout the ueath squau stoiy
was commanuei Biik Coetzee. The papei aiiangeu to get Coetzee out of the
countiy foi his own safety¡secuiity. }acques took a flight with Coetzee to
Nauiitius, fiom which Coetzee was to leave foi Englanu to meet the then ANC
Chief of Intelligence }acob Zuma, foi piotection. In Nauiitius Pauw spent weeks
tape-iecoiuing Coetzee 's confession. The Weekly Nail fiist publisheu a stoiy on
the ueath squaus, a confession fiom Almonu Nofemela - who was hung a uay
latei foi the killing of a faimei. In Nofemel's statement Coetzee 'scovei was
blown. As a iesult, the stoiy hau to be pusheu to an eailiei publishing uate than
planneu. The stoiy ian on Novembei 17 1989, anu was seven pages long - names
anu all. Bu Pieez states that Pauw latei tolu him that he hau seiious uoubts
about this stoiy, not only because of it was uangeious to publish, but because he
was having seconu thoughts about helping an apaitheiu assassin escape justice
in South Afiica. Coetzee's famous quote "Ek was in uie hait van uie hoei" (I was
in the heait of the whoie) became the title of his latei book on the topic.

Aftei the stoiy bioke, many moie confessions anu statements fiom policemen
came in, mostly because of what Bu Pieez attiibuteu to the tiust ielationship
that }acque hau with souices, anu because "as white Afiikanei men, }acques anu I
(uu Pieez) unueistoou wheie these people came fiom anu what maue them uo
what they uiu." vlakplaas unuei new commanuei Eugene ue Kock continueu
seveial yeais aftei Coetzee's confession, as }uuge Baims (appointeu to heau a
commission of inquiiy) founu Coetzee to be a laii. Theie weie also thiee
assassination attempts on Coetzee's life while he was in Englanu, anu he hau to
move houses S8 times, anu was once even piotecteu by Scotlanu Yaiu.

It was not all smooth sailing foi the news team eithei. Bu Pieez uesciibes how
they weie constantly being watcheu anu followeu by secuiity police anu otheis,
theii phones weie tappeu, anu in one instance they weie involveu in a cai chase.
Bu Pieez uesciibes one night when only he anu Pauw was left in the office, anu
they ieceiveu a phone call fiom a someone waining them that two membeis of
the iight-wing gioup Chuich of the Cieatoi weie on theii way to come anu kill
them. Ninutes latei they heaiu banging on the uooi, anu fiantically tiieu to hiue
in cupboaius anu unuei uesks. But being coineieu, anu with the men knowing
they aie in the office, they enueu up opening the uooi to theii potential killeis in
the hopes of talking the men out of going thiough with it. The men, howevei,
each aiiiveu with an attaché bag containing a bible anu pistol. anu enueu up
making a cleai waining to Pauw anu Bu Pieez that they woulu enu up ueau if
they kept on uoing what they weie uoing.

(Pauw spent anothei five yeais investigating state-sponsoieu ueath squaus, anu
his iepoiting contiibuteu to the piosecution of the ueath squaus' commanuei.
viye Weekblau ueclaieu bankiuptcy in 1994 uue to the costs of legal battles.)

Aftei a shoit time at The Stai anu Sunuay Stai as the chief investigations
iepoitei, Pauw in 199S joineu the SABC as a uocumentaiy filmmakei.

In 1996, Pauw was a founuei membei of the SABC's Tiuth Commission Special
Repoit anu in 1998 he was a founuei membei of SABC's cuiient affaiis
piogiamme Special Assignment. (The Tiuth Commission Special Repoit was a
weekly, houi-long uocumentaiy-style piogiamme on testimony befoie anu
issues suiiounuing the TRC.)
The fiist scieening¡bioaucast of Special Assignment was in August 1998, a
collaboiation between Pauw, Bu Pieez & Anneliese Buigess.
In 1999 Pauw became the executive piouucei of Special Assignment, a position
he helu until 2uu7.

In }une 2uu9 Pauw was appointeu as the Biiectoi of the Wits }ustice Pioject, but
shoitly afteiwaius left to join Neuia24 as an investigative iepoitei. (The Wits
}ustice Pioject is an expeiiment in teaching iepoiting thiough the investigation
of the plight of those lockeu up unjustly in South Afiica's piisons).

Pauw has iepoiteu on wais anu civil conflicts in Algeiia, Buiunui, Republic of
Congo, Ethiopia, Eiitiea, Sieiia Leone anu Suuan. Be also maue uocumentaiies
about the Rwanuan uenociue, the Wai in Baifui anu the police ueath squaus in
South Afiica unuei apaitheiu.

Pauw is a membei of the Inteinational Consoitium of Investigative }ouinalists
(ICI}), an exclusive association of the woilu's best investigative jouinalists.

2. Bibliogiaphy

1. In the Beait of the Whoie: The Stoiy of Apaitheiu's Beath Squaus (1992),
2. Into the heait of uaikness: Confessions of apaitheiu's assassins (1997)
S. Bances with Bevils: A }ouinalist's Seaich foi Tiuth (2uu6)
4. Little Ice Cieam Boy (2uu9)

!"#$%& ()*#+)(& *, -./(.*, ",0 ,*,1-./(.*,2
"I have nevei consiueieu myself to be an 'authoi'. I am a jouinalist who
happeneu to wiite a woik of fiction. Anu I'm enulessly cuiious about the man;
cuiious about piisons," saiu Pauw about his fiction woik little lce Creom Boy.

Pauw took the fiction ioute with little lce Creom Boy, a novel baseu on the life of
convicteu assassin, gangstei anu uiug uealei Feiui Bainaiu. Be uiu this because
Bainaiu saiu he'u come aftei Pauw if he wiites it as a stiaightfoiwaiu biogiaphy.
Inteiestingly, uespite this, when Bainaiu maiiieu Betsy ue Riuuei in jail, he
askeu Pauw anu the infamous killei Eugene ue Kok to be his best men.
|'Coiiectional Seivices saiu no, but Pauw maue a Caite Blanche uocumentaiy
about the weuuing.' - Books Livej

S. Awaius anu Recognitions
}acques Pauw's woik both locally anu inteinationally ieceiveu acclaim anu
seveial awaius.

• In 2uu7 he ieceiveu the Nat Nakasa Awaiu foi Integiity anu Biaveiy in
}ouinalism fiom the South Afiican National Euitois' Foium, Piint Neuia
South Afiica anu the Nieman Society of South Afiica. (0thei winneis of
this awaiu aie Alf Kumalo, uuy Beigei, Nax uu Pieez, uieg Naiinovich,
Bebbie Yazbek, Nathatha Tseuu.)
• The Young Afiican Leaueiship Awaiu.
• Piemo Ilaiia Alpi Awaiu, Italy's television awaiu (2uuu);
• Pauw also ieceiveu the 2uu1 ICI} (Inteinational Consoitium of
Investigative }ouinalists) Awaiu foi Tbe Bisbop of Sbyoqwe, a
uocumentaiy that exposeu the seciet hiueout of bishop Samuel
Nusabyimana, who was wanteu on genociue chaiges in Rwanua.
• 2 NTvA AvANTI Ciaft Awaius
• Twice won the CNN's Afiican }ouinalist of the Yeai (2uuu & 2uu1), the
fiist time foi 6enerol News - Tv. }acques Pauw, SABC & Auil Biaulow, foi
CbilJren of Wor (2uuu). Pauw also won a sub-categoiy of the CNN
competition in 2uu6.
• Won the vouacom }ouinalist of the Yeai Awaiu in South Afiica (2uu4) foi
a uocumentaiy Hoinline that investigates uiug iunning in Southein anu
East Afiica.
• }ohn Nanyaiaia Investigative Awaiu fiom NISA (2uu4).
• The Awaiu foi 0utstanuing Inteinational Investigative Repoiting;
• The Neuia Institute of Southein Afiica's Awaiu foi Investigative
• Pauw's Tiuth Commission Special Repoit woik foi the SABC won him the
Inteinational Foieign Coiiesponuent Awaiu.

4. Extiact
The following extiacts aie fiom Bonces witb Bevils by }ocques Pouw
|This stoiy about the exposé of the East Afiican uiug ioutej

3*4546*478 "5" 9(4::.",*& ;<=>?@

Alex Stellianos was solu to me as a giubby anu mangy chaiactei who mingleu
with the unueiwoilu anu was embioileu in the whoie business. Be'u been a
confiuential police infoimant at some stage, was some kinu of piivate eye anu
spoke Poituguese, which maue him the iueal opeiatoi foi Nozambique.
A fiienu suggesteu that I shoulu meet Alex anu finu out if he coulu help me finish
the stoiy about human tiafficking in Nozambique. Alpheus was gone anu only
half the piogiamme hau been uone.
'Be sounus peifect,' I saiu.
'Anu by the way,' my fiienu auueu, 'the little fingei on his iight hanu is missing.'
'What happeu to the fingei.' I wanteu to know.
'Rumoui has it that it was cut off by a uiug caitel in South Ameiica in oiuei to
test his allegiance,' saiu the fiienu.
'What was he uoing in South Ameiica.'
'Infiltiating caitels foi the Ameiicans,' she saiu. 'Be was appaiently veiy goou.'

A, A-7./", 07#+ &"-"7. ;<=BC@

It was a gleeful Alex Stellianos who pulleu the small Sony camcoiuei fiom his
giey bag anu uisentangleu the mesh of ieu, black anu white wiie, his nine fingeis
'You will not believe it! 0n-fucking-believable!' he cioweu. A flame illuminateu
his lineu face as he lit a cigaiette.
'Believe what.'
'Fucking watch this,' he saiu, as he pusheu the 'play button anu the black scieen
A paii of uenim-clau legs anu white sneakeis walkeu in fiont of Alex up a flight of
giimy anu uimly lit staiis. I knew by then it was }immy, a young uiug auuict anu
housebieakei we hau hiieu in oiuei to gain access to the notoiious ciack anu
heioin houses of Naputo's Little Colombia.
Be knockeu on the uooi. It slowly cieakeu open. The unkempt anu spotteu face
of a white woman peekeu thiough the bais oi a steel gate. 'Bi lá, Namma!' saiu
}immy. She iecogniseu him, unlockeu the gate anu embiaceu him. Be was cleaily
a iegulai client.
Alex saiu the woman was sloppy anu he felt iepelleu when she embiaceu him,
too. She piesseu hei thickset fiame against his bouy anu the hiuuen cameia was
momentaiily blinueu as she blockeu the lens.
While many piefeiieu to spike - inject the naicotic into theii veins - }immy
chaseu the uiagon, as auuicts call the ait of smoking heioin. Be spiinkleu the
biown powuei on a piece of tinfoil anu lit a coal of tightly iolleu toilet papei. Be
helu this unueineath the foil until wisps of smoke began uiifting upwaius.
0ui uiug investigation hau staiteu two weeks eailiei, when I askeu Alex: 'Bow
aie we going to get into Little Colombia.'
'}immy. We'ie going to use }immy.'
'Who's he.'
'A ciiminal. A housebieakei. Also uses uiugs. Smokes anything. Knows Little
Colombia well.'

A D74,/) 5.&& ., <"7"0.&4 ;<=?E@

'I've founu them!' Alex announceu tiiumphantly. 'Anu they aie willing to see us.
But we have to leave iight away.'
It was a Sunuay moining at the Café Costa uo Sol in Naputo. Acioss Aveniua
Naiginal, ciaftsmen uisplayeu theii woouen caivings on the pavement, beach
boys eiecteu volleyball nets on the beach anu a fisheiman with a basket of coial
fish stiappeu to his bicycle peualleu his way to the maiket. Fuithei uown the
ioau, venuois set up stalls foi the uay while stieet chefs lit chaicoal fiies to ioast
flatteneu chickens that hau been soaking foi houis in a fieiy maiinaue of olive
oil, chilli, gailic anu lemon juice.
We hau ietuineu fiom Tanzania the uay befoie to stait the final leg of oui uiug
investigation. So fai, we hau achieveu viitually eveiything we hau set out to uo
tow months eailiei when we set up camp in a Naputo apaitment. Alex hau maue
contact with twelve uiug uealeis in Naputo, Pemba anu Bai es Salaam. Be hau
filmeu them, theii meichanuise, homes anu women. We hau countless pieces of
papei on which they hau sciibbleu piices anu quantities anu uesciiptions of the
uiugs they hau on offei.
Each time Alex ietuineu fiom a ienuezvous anu pulleu the Sony camcoiuei fiom
his giey sling bag, theie weie some anxious moments. 0n seveial occasions oui
appiehension tuineu to uespaii when he pusheu the 'play' button anu we saw
eithei an oveiexposeu white scieen oi anu unueiexposeu black pictuie in which
nothing anu no one was uisceinible.

F"7"#0.,+ 6.&/74",(& ., G:#4 ;<ECH@

At the enu of 2uuS, following oui exposuie of the Beioin uiug ioute fiom
Afghanistan to East Afiica, Alex hau a yen to go back into law enfoicement. When
his contiact with me expiieu, he wanteu nothing less than to be a Scoipion - one
of South Afiica's so-calleu supei cops!
The Scoipions weie eagei to bust uiug synuicates anu expanu theii
investigations beyonu South Afiica's boiueis. Alex hau names anu numbeis. I
biokeieu a meeting between him anu senioi Scoipion officials, who agieeu to
emply him to finu anu bust a uiug synuicate in }ohannesbuig. If successful, they
saiu, they woulu offei him a longei contiact.
I was sceptical fiom the outset. I hau nevei hau a happy ielationship with the
police, but it tianspiieu that they helu Alex Stellianos in such low esteem that
they woulu seemingly go to any lengths to uiscieuit him.
Among the Scoipions in chaige of Alex's tiail opeiation weie two of the agents
who blunueieu the aiiest of Rwanuan qénociJoire Bishop Samuel Nusabyimana.
Alex's hanulei was a whiskey-noseu buffoon whose office uesk seemeu to be in
the bai of the Ellis Paik Botel.
Within uays, he hau infiltiateu two Nigeiian uiug synuicates in Billbiow. All his
meetings weie iecoiueu on spy cameias. 0ne of the synuicates opeiateu fiom a
pawnshop anu wanteu Alex to fly to Biazil to pick up a consignment of cocaine.
Befoie long the seconu synuicate also tiieu to ieciuit Alex as a uiug couiiei. Alex
thought this teiiibly impoitant, as it might inuicate the influx of Colombian uiug
caitels to oui shoies.
The Scoipions thought uiffeiently. Bespite two intelligence iepoits uetailing his
meetings with the synuicates, five spy cameia types anu names, anu telephone
anu cai iegistiation numbeis, his hanuleis saiu the infoimation was useless anu
fiieu him without payment.
Aftei just a month as a Scoipion, Alex was back at Special Assignment. I gave him
a contiact to continue infiltiating the uiug iings. Then, in an act of incieuible
ueviousness anu without telling Alex, the Scoipions iaiueu one of the synuicates.
0f couise they uiun't finu uiugs - but that uiun't seem to be theii main puipose.
They wanteu to set Alex up. They tolu the Nigeiians they weie actually looking
foi a miuule-ageu white man with giey haii who visiteu them eveiy uay. The
uesciiption coulu only have fitteu Alex.
When he walkeu thiough into the shop latei the same uay, the Nigeiians
slammeu the uooi behinu him, suiiounueu him anu accuseu him of being anu
infoimei. All the while the spy cameia was iolling. The footage was a see-saw of
black anu white anu voices huiling abuse at one anothei befoie the uooi openeu
anu Alex stumbleu back onto the pavement.
I phoneu one of the Scoipions. 'You coulu have killeu Alex!' I saiu. 'Bow coulu
'We weie meiely veiifying his infoimation,' was the luuicious iesponse.
Be launcheu into a stieam of abuse. 'We iefuse to woik with such a sleaze-ball!
Bo you know who this man is.'
'Who uo you get to infiltiate uiug synuicates.' I askeu him. 'Sunuay school
teacheis anu nun.'

|A uiffeient stoiy, this one about wailoius anu chilu soluieis. A qooJ exomple of
Pouw´s interestinq onJ coptivotinq introJuctionsj

!"<<I ",0 J"<("., J#(1K",0 ;<C??@

Baiu as it may be to fathom, on of mouein Afiica's most blooucuiuling moitals
hau once been a weuuing photogiaphei. Be was also the an illiteiate, pot-bellieu
geiiatiic who chose a foimei haiiuiessei anu nightclub uancei to commanu his
aimy of chilu soluieis, who hackeu anu mutilateu thousanus of people in the
name of fieeuom.
The eistwhile photogiaphei anu lowly aimy coipoial auopteu the title of
Chaiiman Pappy, while the haiistylist chose the nom ue gueiie of ueneial
Nosquito. Togethei they heaueu a West Afiica iebel movement calleu the
Revolutionaiy 0niteu Fiont (R0F) anu tiansfoimeu it into a cult. Pappy achieveu
almost messianic eminence, with followeis woishipping him like a gou anu
engaging in occult piactices that iepoiteuly incluueu the uiinking of bloou anu
eating of human flesh.
When the R0F embaikeu on a campaign to pievent theii Sieiia Leonean
countiymen fiom casting ballots in a 1999 election, Nosquito announceu on BBC
Wolu the commencement of 0peiation No Living Thing, in which eveiy entity
'uown to the last chicken' was to be killeu.
}ungle bases speweu foith commanueis with names like Colonel Bloou-sheu anu
Colonel Boom. At theii uisposal was an aimy of mostly abuucteu teenageis anu
chiluien, foiceu at gunpoint to iape oi slay loveu ones befoie being uiaggeu into
the bush anu peiveiteu into killeis. The chiluien, emulating theii commanueis,
gave themselves names such as Captain Cut-hanu anu Coipoial Cainage anu
foimeu what became known as the Small Boys' 0nit. Captain Cut-Banu was only
eleven yeais olu when he emeigeu fiom the bush clutching a Kalashnikov assault
iifle in one hanu anu an axe in the othei. As the boys piepaieu foi battle,
commanueis wiieu them by iubbing cocaine, amphetamines anu gunpowuei
into incision on theii aims anu faces. The R0F's wai ciy was Eunqry lion, anu
the little chiluien thiew themselves aiounu shouting Poppy, our leoJer, our
Eunqry lion while clawing at the aii. With ieu banuannas bounu aiounu theii
heaus, they weie oiueieu to amputate as many limbs as they humanly coulu. A
message hau to be sent. voteis without legs coulun't walk to polling booths anu
those without hanus coulu not cast ballots.
0n Tuesuay moining in }anuaiy 1999, a Small Boy's 0nit anu theii auult
commanueis aiiiveu at the hoe of Lansana Sessay, a fifty-yeai-olu fathei of five.
They woie women's wigs, Ray-Ban sunglasses anu necklaces maue of machine-
gun bullets. Nost hau guns, while one boy caiiieu an axe. 'Wheie's youi money,
Pa.' they askeu him. Be gave them eveiything he hau. They oiueieu him anu his
family to line up in the stieet outsiue. As the family piayeu anu pleaueu, the boys
laiu Lansana anu his thiee-yeai-olu uaughtei out on theii stomachs on the
bioken tai. A boy lifteu a ciuue axe high into the aii anu slammeu it uown
thiough the bones of the chilu's aim. Bei hanu seemeu to jump away fiom hei
bouy. The hackeu off hei fathei's hanus as well. With bloou gushing fiom his
wounus, Lansana ian aftei the boys. 'Kill me! Please, gentlemen, kill me! Bon't
leave me like this!' 0ne of the oluei boys tuineu aiounu anu smasheu his iifle
butt into Lansana's face, ciashing his fiont teeth anu bieaking his jaw.
0nlike Rwanuan genociue, some fo the baibaiity of 0peiation No Living Thing
took place in the full glaie of the inteinational spotlight, uue to the piesence of
incieuibly biave jouinalists anu one Sieiia Leonean cameiaman in paiticulai,
who nevei stoppeu iolling film amiu the mayhem. Thousanus of coipses iotteu
in the stieets anu iolleu into the Atlantic suif that washeu Fieetown's piistine
white beaches. In the countiysiue, vultuies hoppeu fiom one bouy to the next,
pecking anu teaiing at flesh. Thousanus of suivivois - like Lansana Sessay anu
his family - weie conuemneu to a life of begging oi uumpeu in an amputee
village of white anu blue canvas shelteis.
As the giotesque acts of violence weie biiefly elevateu to the woilu's fiont pages
anu CNN splasheu the bloousheu in Fieetown, two new names weie auueu to the
list of the woilu human beings on eaith. The fiist was that of Fouay Saybana
Sankoh, the man who calleu himself Pappy anu heaueu the R0F. The seconu was
that of his aimy chief of staff, ueneial Sam 'Nosquito' Bockaiie, who unleasheu
teiioi of the Small Boys on the civilian population of Sieiia Leone. (p2uu)

S. Boing what Pauw uoes

{Pauw's wiiting style anu techniques aie uiscusseu in the sliueshow
"Piesentation - Pauw's wiiting" }
Souice list Books: }acques Pauw. Accesseu online at
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} 0nline. Awaiu-winning jouinalist joins Wits }ustice Pioject.
Accesseu online at http:¡¡¡news-anu-
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} 0nline. }acques Pauw scoops 2uu7 Nat Nakasa Awaiu. Accesseu
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Neuia Club South Afiica 0nline. Past winneis of the Nat Nakasa Awaiu. Accesseu
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Neuia24 Investigations 0nline. N24i: The Team. Accesseu online at
http:¡¡¡the-team¡ on 2¡u8¡2u12.

Pauw, }. 2uu. Bonces Witb Bevils:  A }ournolist's Seorcb for Trutb. Zebia Piess:
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Polity 0nline. Wits: Announcement by tbe 0niversity of tbe WitwotersronJ on tbe
oppointment of }ocques Pouw to Jirect tbe Wits }ustice project {01,06,2009).
Accesseu online at http:¡¡¡aiticle¡wits-announcement-by-the-
uiiect-the-wits-justice-pioject-u1u62uu9-2uu9-u6-u1 on 2¡u8¡2u12.

Piint Neuia South Afiica 0nline. NAT NAKASA PAST WlNNFRS. Accesseu online
at http:¡¡¡piess¡2u12¡uS¡29¡2u7 on 2¡u8¡2u12.

SABC 0nline. Special Assignment Aichives: The Team. Accesseu online at
cialassignment¡theteam.html on 2¡u8¡2u12.

SABC News 0nline. 29 Septembei, 2u11. SABC Past winneis. Accesseu online at
winneis-2u11u929 on 1¡u8¡2u12.

The Witness 0nline. 24 }une 2uu9. Noie fantastic than fiction. Accesseu online at
on 2¡u8¡2u12.

Who'swho 0nline: }acques Pauw. Accesseu online at
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ZA}ouinos 0nline. }acques Pauw. Accesseu online at
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Zebia Piess 0nline. About }acques Pauw. Accesseu online at
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