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Causes and Cures of Common Welding defects

Defect: Blow Hole

worm hole blow hole worm hole

Welding Type

Why 1.Wet, unclean or damaged electrode. 2.Base metal surface covered with oil, rust, etc. 3.Over travelling speed. 4.Over currents 5.Excessively long or short arc length. 6.Too thick base-metal or too fast cooling rate. 1.Unclean base metal surface.

What to Do 1.Properly maintain and store electrode. 2.Properly clean base metal prior to welding. 3.Reduce travel speed. 4.Use proper welding current. 5.Maintain proper arc length. 6.Proceed proper pre-heating.



1.Properly clean base metal prior to welding. 2.Properly maintain and store 2.Rusted wire or wet flux. wire and flux. 3.Improper spot welding or wire. 3.Choose wire size properly and proceed spot welding correctly. 4.Excessively long arc length or 4.Maintain proper arc length and gas flow rate. insufficient gas shielding. 5.Welding in the windy surrounding 5.Add trailer shield.
without trailer shield.