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shickerramrajhifoogy (2)poli hunty (1)tuggy (1)chakkapothu-Jagged edges of a saw is handy in cutting huge tre ess easily..

Learned pigmarko-illusion(Magician) Jay sankey illusion-Magicians never reveal:chandana chollayil xhakka munjigg njyaan vannu Scar Tissue- In this, a corner is torn off of an old taxi r eceipt out of the magician's wallet, and the corner is impossibly fused to the b ack of the receipt! The corner has melted into the fibers of the card and it can be completely examined. Jay includes 5 specially printed taxi receipts that are printed on very thick high-quality stock and look totally legitimate... he even leaves all the spaces on the back of the card blank for you to fill out your ow n information. The taxi receipt is such an unassuming, normal, organic object, a nd the payoff of this effect is strong. The amount of handlings for this that Ja y explains on the DVD is very overwhelming. You can tell he's put a ton of thoug ht into this one. Only the 5 receipts are included, but most of the handlings Ja y explains allow you to use the same card over and over again. You'll want to ca rry this one in your wallet immediately.