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My Beloved Master

Revered Babuji Maharaj
Saturday, February 10, 2001 - 10:00 a.m.
ecrets of ancient Egypt will be unearthed when the moment has come and
the major significance of all the existing symbols can finally be understood
by most of the people, which is not the case for today's civilisation.
-------"Higher spirits in terms of level of evolution are not far from that
comprehension. They work out key elements of those mysteries, which will help
explain one day the true history of the world.
-------"The Earth, as far as its functioning is concerned, can be compared to a living
being with strong points or chakras, which maintain a balance essential to its
life and evolution. Men, by their ignorance, endanger the future of the world by
disorganising what a higher race worked out a long time ago.
-------"The human being, on the pretext of progress, destabilises not only the life
of the planet, but also its attributes in the universal order. The race of giants is
a reality; it influenced very deeply the history of the Earth, which is recorded in
certain sacred places of the sphere, many of which are in the country of Egypt.
-------"The majority of those places are not yet explored by human beings, for the
greatest good of all. Men must be protected against themselves as they are not able,
in the current state of knowledge, to decipher what must be deciphered for the
survival of a future world."