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Centre for University – Industry collaboration Anna University Chennai – Chennai 600 025

Instructions for Online Registration:
STEP 1 Click (or copy this and paste in your address bar of your browser) ent/inde!.php

UserI$ %ass&ord


STEP 2: Type your username (roll number) and password assi n to you! "ou can see the below pa e

planatory! -ust fill in the bo.t areas can ha+e ma.STEP #: Click $S%&'(T )ES%'E* Tab • • • • • This pa e should be +ery self e. $ (double 3uote) . are +alid and true! /nce data entered.imum of only 255 characters! 4nd a+oid typin more than 25 characters in the same line! %se manual line breaks for better look of your resume! .etc! at unnecessary places! 4ll the with appropriate details! Please make sure all the details what you ha+e entered. is final and can0t be chan ed! 1on0t use special characters like 2(sin le 3uote).

"/% CA() E1(T "/%) )ES%'E 4.CE "/% <(== (. "ou can +iew and download your resume but you can0t edit the details! Try to use latest browser +ersions (E ! (!E 9 or later. firefo.• • • • • • • 'andatory fields which are marked as ( 6 ) should not be left as empty! %se 1ate time picker for choosin 1ate of &irth! %se only numbers while enterin C7P4.A( 20 .I(U)+/ )' 0I"" ).1 S%&'(T (T S%CCESS<%==". 7P4 or Percenta e! 1on0t use special characters like percenta e (8) or alphabets! 4fter finished typin your resume. accept the declaration before submit! 4fter submittin the resume."'/)E!>/?E@E) "/% C4. .! >appy )e istrationAAA . @(E? "/%) )ES%'E 4<TE) S%&'(SS(/.A2 +3%I-+. 2'U. #!: or later)! "ou are ad+ised to submit resume from the system with better internet connection facility! $' (') )A*+ .I/ %A1+. • • Check your details! /.'-+ ). "/%) )ES%'E 4."'1I( /+//I'( .