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Gamelan music - Answers You scored 6 out of 9 1.

Which of the following words best describes the texture of gamelan music? You said: Homophonic Incorrect. Gamelan music is best described as heterophonic. 2. What are metallophones played with? You said: Mallets Correct. Metallophones are played with mallets. 3. Which one of the following statements about gamelan music is NOT true? You said: It uses treble and bass clefs Correct. Gamelan music does NOT use treble and bass clefs. 4. Gamelan music is divided into four beat groups. What are these called? You said: Keteg Correct. The beat groups are called keteg. 5. Which of the following instruments can you hear playing in this extract? You said: Gongs Incorrect. Metallophones are playing in the extract. 6.

The extract uses slendro. 7. Slendro is a five note scale. Which instruments punctuate the phrases of the main theme? You said: Timpani Incorrect. The extract uses pelog. What is pelog? You said: A seven note scale Correct. The gongs punctuate the phrases of the main theme. 8. 9. . What is the drum instrument that you hear here? You said: Kendang Correct. What is slendro? You said: A five note scale Correct. Pelog is a seven note scale. The drum instrument that you hear is a kendang.