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1st circle (limbo)- If you were kind and virtuous, but something like hindu or islamic, you would

go here. You just sit bored. 2nd circle (lust)- If you had a LOT of sex and impure thoughts, this is where you'd go. You're in a violent storm. 3rd circle (gluttony)- You practically worshiped food and ate WAY too much. Lying in snow and sleet. 4th circle (avarice)- If you were greedy and covetous, you were sent here. Half push rocks one way, the other half push them back. 5th circle (wrath and sloth)- You were angry, and now you're here. You just sat around, now you sit here. Fight on the surface of a swamp or sit on the bottom. 6th circle (heretics)- You betrayed your religion and off you go to be trapped in a burning tomb. 7th circle A (violent towards man)- A river of boiling blood may cool you down, but its too late now. 7th circle B (suicide)- You got the death you wanted, now you're a tree with your corpse hanging from your branch. 7th circle C (blasphemers)- Oh no! You were mean to God! YOu get to walk on fiery sand as flames rain down. 8th circle A (panderers and seducers)- You sold your body, you get to walk around whipped by demons. 8B (flatterers)- You paid false compliments, now you sit in your own BS. 8C (simony)- You paid for a church job. Oops. Your heads in a rock, your feet are on fire. 8D (sorcerers)- You told fortunes? Did you predict that your head would be put on your body backwards? 8E (corrupt politicians)- stuck in boiling resin. 8F (thieves)- You stole, now snakes and lizards steal bites of you. 8G (fraud)- Oops, you're stuck in a giant flame. 8H (counterfeiters) - You were a disease to society. Now you have a disease. 9A (traitors)- You betrayed those closest to you, now you're stuck in a block of ice up to your waste. 9B (traitorsB) - You betrayed your country! Ice up to the neck! 9C (traitorsC)- You betrayed your own guests. What possessed you to do so? Now you're really possessed by a demon and in ice up to your nose. 9d (traitorsD)- You're the Devil. Cool! Source(s): I wrote all of these up. Took a LONG time.