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This is just a structure that is how we are made up - our structure There is entity the entire person Roles

(organs , systems , processes) Single-piece when there are no roles and then the entity functions as a singleunit +=, -=,=, comes and goes from entity no need of role emptiness Mean to recognise entity Lets us build it up from scratch (only entity allowed) At each step new human form covering obtained - of this entity First there is entity role person in human form like mesh (spider web) and features of 7 essentials (breathe, special-powers, light, level, zone, gateway, nukhte) (Plural zones ,levels -=)

Then role-cloak which defines make-up Then role-amulet(ayat makhtub naksh) Then role-jacket for point of awareness Then role-plane as foot-wear Then role-dimension as enclosing Then role-ring for all the identities( handles) Then role-citadel Then role-emerald for in-head at-finger-tips Then role-signet ring for complete entity and place-time also comes in place Earth -= errors loop-holes odds-ends

Then shareefa-star-crystal cave-dimension-plane - in place Also junction room- mirage- lit up -in place

Roles ring citadel emerald optional

Now this created manifested - wat all add ons (interaction) garnishing (proposed) Cycle in place This entity gets created unique-id Manifested is what is seen through shareefa handle(identity) Handle only on paper like for me naila rizvi And point of contact with the world is at shareefa