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Rating Scale (British Standard) Description 0 50 No Activity Very Slow,clumsy,fumbling movements,operater appears half asleep

,with no intrest in the job

Steady,deliberate,unhurried performance as of a worker not on piecework but under proper 75 supervision,looks slow,but time is not being intentionally wasted under observation,called as DAYWORK STANDARD Brisk Business like performance,as of an average 100(Standard qualified worker on PIECEWORK;necessary Rating) standard of quality & accuracy achieved with confidence Very Fast;operater exhibits a high degree of 125 assurance,dexterity and coordination of movement well above that of an average qualified trained worker Exceptionally fast,requires intense effort and concentration,and is unlikely to be kept up for long periods;as a"virtuoso" performance achieved only by a few outstanding workers


Standard Rating (100) is a normal man of average height and physique,unladen,walking on a straight line without obstructions achieving 4 miles/hour Referance: Introduction to Work Study,edited by George Kanawaty,International Labour Office,Geneva

unladen.ard) Comparable Walking Speed (Miles/hr) 0 2 3 4 5 6 and physique.walking on anawaty.International Labour .