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Hello my name is Howard; Im an angel in waiting, They assign someone like me to a troubled person on earth nd i! I do a really great "ob and the person su##eeds, They will grant my soul a #han#e !or rebirth

I! Im lu#ky and that a#tually were to happen, Id be elated with that wonder!ul news Then I would be able to a##omplish what was un!orgi$ing, To right the wrongs with the people that I used

One o! the tragedies o! li$ing as a human being, Is #ommitting what is deemed a mortal sin That is to use people without any sense o! !orgi$eness, For your own betterment in the li!e you li$e within

The one thing we angels through time !ind oursel$es doing, %hi#h a times makes us !eel !or us a bit lonely Is to ha$e that #onstant a#hing saddening pain, %hen we think in our minds but i! only

by Tim Thayer