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Method for objective handle evaluation respectively different mechanical / technological propertes of fabrics, knitted fabrics or films Applications

• Investigation of finishing effects • Prediction of processability and wear properties • Influence of raw material, yarn or fabric construction

The original K !"# consists of four components, which allow the measurement of properties of planes $fabrics, knitted fabrics, or films% and partially of yarns, too& There is also a newer apparatus"combination for the evaluation of thermal properties& In detail the following '( parameters can be measured) K !"#"*) Tensile Properties $in warp / weft%
tensile M energy T tensile , resilien T ce tensile . resilien T ce linearity / of load T e0tensio n curve 1 shear rigidity ' hysteres 4 is of 1 shear force at (,5o ' hysteres 4 is of 1 shear 5 force at 5o + -/m' +


!hear Properties $in warp / weft%
2/m3rad 2/m


K !"#"6) !urface Properties $in warp / weft%
M I 7 M M 8 coeffici ent of friction mean deviatio n of MI7 / /

sional = resilienc e linearity of / compr& = thicknes s curve T fabric ( thicknes s at (. moment .5 c2/cm' ? m a 0 k ma0 heat conducti on thermal conducti vity .Profile $warp / weft% geometr ! ical M roughne 8 ss 9:m K !"#"') .ending Properties $in warp / weft% bending rigidity hysteres ' is of 4 bend& . eight primary and one overall handle grades are calculated& . 9:23m m23m/m K !"#"<) /ateral =ompression Properties compres M sibility = compres ./cm' ./cmK + A #rom this. heat @ dissipati on + -/m' + / mm K !"#">) Thermal Properties . sional = energy compres .

Blthough all tests are carried out with only two samples of '( cm 0 '( cm with four measurements in each thread system. a complete investigation is very time consuming and re?uires great e0perience of the e0aminer. but offers a lot of information& .