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Plant Design Lab

Aspen Hysys

Water at 120 deg C and 3 bar is fed to a pump which have efficiency of 10%. The feed flowrate is 100kgmole/hr. The outlet pressure from the pump is 84 bar. Determine outlet temperature of water. If outlet temperature is 200 deg C. What is the efficiency of pump?

A stream of natural gas enters in a compressor at 100 deg C and 1 bar pressure. The outlet pressure is 10 bar. Calculate compressor duty and outlet temperature at 70% efficiency. Composition of natural gas is C1=0.33, C2=0.14, C3=0.1, C4*=0.4 If the outlet temperature is at 300 deg C, then what is the efficiency of compressor?

Heat Exchanger
Hot water at 250 deg C and 1000 psig is used to heat a cold stream of water in a shell and tube heat exchanger. The inlet temperature and pressure of cold stream is 25 deg C and 130 psig. The outlet temperature of cold stream is 150 deg C and that of hot stream is 190 deg C. If the flow rate of hot stream is 100kgmol/hr. Determine the flow rate of cold stream and heat exchanger duty.

Flash Separator
We have a stream containing 15% ethane, 20% propane, 60% i-butane, 5% n-butane at 50 deg F and atmospheric pressure and a flow rate of 100 lbmol/hr. The stream is compressed to 50 psig and then cooled to 32 deg F. The resulting liquid and vapor are to be separated as two product streams. What are the flow rates and compositions of these two streams?