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The Yeti or Bigfoot or Abominable Snowman

Is the Yeti real?

The Yeti

People think the yeti is MYTH But I think it is real I think I can change your mind Do you think its real?

What is Bigfoot or the Yeti or Abominable Snowman

An apelike animal 7-10ft(2-3m) tall 500 lb (225 kg) footprints 17 in. (43 cm) long


This is where a footprint was found Said to be the Bigfoot print

Plaster casts of footprints

Rene Dahindens incredible picture of one of the Blue Creek Mountain prints of August 1967. It is regarded as the best photo in existence of a Bigfoot. left, a 13 inch model, which also turned up along with the 15 inch model above, at Blue Creek Mountain. It is noticeable for the groove in the ball of the foot. Wallaces brother must have been helping him again with another pair of feet. Photo at right is called The Dahinden Print.
This is plaster cast of a footprint (left)

Is this real or fake???????

Found by climbers

Found by japanese climbers they claimed to find Yeti footprints

Examples of how the hourglass shape was exclusively associated with Bigfoot everywhere in northern California


Probably the most well-known evidence for belief in Bigfoots existence is a film By Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin In Oct 20, 1967 at Bluff Creek in northern California

Pictures from 1967 when roger Patterson went on a trip to get photos and a video of the Bigfoot This is said to be the Bigfoot

Local culture

One theory is that the myth of the yeti serves to help protect the forests Sherpas believe in buddhism. A very important religion in Nepal

My thoughts

I think the Yeti is real with All the facts I found it is real. With the facts I have hopefully you will believe it.

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Thank you for listening to me.

Hope you enjoyed. By Diarmid