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Novel Control Strategy for a UPQC under Distorted Source and Nonlinear Load Conditions

Project Guide MAMATHA.K
B.MANIRATNAM(10P61A0227) J.RANADEER(10P61A0249) M.VINOD(10P61A0255)

CONTENTS — Introduction — Unified Power Quality conditioner (UPQC) (Single phase and Three phase) — Optimum UPQC — Conclusion .

INTRODUCTION Power quality: Measure of proper utilization of power by Customers. tariff . “Electrical Pollutant” vs “Clean Utility” Advent of wide spread use of high power high frequency switching devices Additional System required to maintain quality Deregulation.


Only one resonant controller gain was designed for simplicity. Despite a simple design process. . the proposed control strategy provides good steady-state performance as well as fast dynamic responses against load variations.Conclusion: A novel control strategy for a UPQC was proposed with the aid of PI and resonant controllers. The other gains were determined by using the relationship between the resonant frequency and the controller gain. The proposed control strategy was investigated and the design of the PI and resonant controllers were also presented in detail. The load voltage and the supply current are effectively compensated tobe sinusoidal.