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Dear Presents, Greetings! We are requesting for your permission to allow your son/daughter _____________________ of III – Competent Christian to be allowed to join rehearsals, taping anf the actual interviews for our project in journalism which is a major requirement in English III sometime during the Christmas break and after-class rehearsals. Other specific venues and time needed will be followed up for your information after all things are finalized and settled by the whole staff. We ask for your cooperation in our experience in honing our skills or yet to discover them through this project in journalism.

Head Editor, Kim Kathleen L. Gerobin

English Teacher, Mrs. Mercedes Santos

------------------------------------------------------------Reply Slip-----------------------------------------------------Name: Year & Section: Date [ ] I allow my child to join after-class rehearsals and actual interviews concerning journalism in English [ ] I do not allow my child to cooperate in this project for a reason (Please Identify): _______________________________ Parent’s signature over printed name