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Title of the Project:

2. 3. . ". #. $. &. *. Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators Implementing Institution and other collaborating Institutions !ate of commencement !uration !ate of completion %bjectives as approved !eviation made from original objectives if an'( )hile implementing the project and reasons thereof. +,perimental )or- giving full details of e,perimental set up( methods adopted( data collected supported b' necessar' tables( charts( diagrams and photographs.

1.. !etailed anal'sis of results indicating contributions made to)ards increasing the state of -no)ledge in the subject. 11. Conclusions summari/ing the achievements and indication of scope for future )or-. 12. 01T benefits accrued: I. II 2ist of research publications )ith complete details: 3uthors( Title of paper( 4ame of 5ournal( 6ol.( page( 'ear 7anpo)er trained on the project: a. 8esearch 0cientists or 8esearch 9ello)s b. 4o. of Ph.!s produced c. %ther Technical Personnel trained

III. Patents ta-en( if an': I6 13. 1 . Products developed( if an'.

3bstract :3.. )ords for possible publication in IC78 ;ulletin<. Procurement=usage of +>uipment a. 0.4o 4ame of 7a-e=7 Cost !ate of ?tilisation . +>uipment odel 9+=8s Installation rate @

8emar-s regarding maintenance=brea-do)n


0uggestions for disposal of e>uipment:s< 4ame and signature )ith date 1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :Principal Investigator< 2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :Co-Investigator<