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Case Study: One Economic Topic of Subsidy and its impact on Fiscal Policy in India


Abstract Title: Case Study on the Impacts of Energy Subsidies on Fiscal Policies with reference Fiscal Deficits of Government of India. his case has been a ma!or underta"ing with regards to the Government Subsidies#Central $ state to fuel energy particularly in %il and Gas subsidies and its impact on Fiscal Policy and economy in India. Oil Subsidy: &. Petrol Subsidy '. Diesel subsidy C. (erosene Subsidy Gas Subsidy &. )PG Subsidy for Come Consumption '. C*G Subsidy for +ome consumption C. C*G Subsidy for Industrial $ Power Consumptions

Objective of t is Case Study: he Case Study will be conducted based on the secondary research of past data on Government subsidy provided on fuel and energy with reference to %il and Gas and to measure its impact on fiscal policy and overall economy of an India. Approac of t is Case Study: &pplication of Case study is an approach to study the government policies and e,penditure plan to measure the impact of fiscal policy on overall economy in India. !et ods of t is Case Study: E,planatory Findin"s # Conclusion of t is Case Study: he conclusion will be to analy-e the concepts and lin"ing the data with theories and find out the predictable concept.

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