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Unit 4- P3/4

I visited Dublin in October and managed to take a few location photographs of Dublin at night. To take this photo I had become more aware of the panorama effect on my iPhone 5S and decided to use this, so that I could portray most of the image. Although the image is dark, after editing I feel it is still effective. This is due to the success of the reflection on the water and how after editing, it was enhanced and creates an effective piece. During editing, I chose the enhance effect on the software. By doing this, the light from the lamppost seen on the right hand side of the photograph seemed to have enlarged and create a faded mist around it. By doing this I feel it adds a sense of interest and in fact intrigue to the photograph. Also, as I took the panorama image I noticed at the end that the river bank seems to curve out of the photograph and then back in, as seen at the bottom of the photo. I feel this creates a more realistic outcome, almost as if those who are looking at the photograph are indeed walking along the river bank of Dublin, or feel like they are. As I took this photograph in the evening, it is evident that the colours in the image are dark, as well as the bright mist of the buildings and lampposts. After editing the image to enhance the lighting, it can be suggested that this photograph adheres to my theme of crime location photography. This can be due to the theme of night time in comparison to the bright lights and the hue of the colours, suggestive of an eerie atmosphere.