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H'"'Y 0..1<>. Hong Koni
Kart•k. Fntnce
Olr...a Ketth·M•tchell. UK
Prakash Khanal. Nep,al
J May Lee Ban·ott. USA
Jasleen Kandhan. UK
lola LCM, S•ogapore
Marbn LOrber, USA
Fthppo SaiVI&U. ftoly
OIMa Sand. USA
Stepf\&n•e Tasch, Germany
Tsang. UK
and Admnstraoon
Asian Aft PleWII)ICiref
Hou Hsiao-Hsien
STILL from the f•lm C8f6 Lumfttre by Hou Hsiao·Hsien
ASIAN ART NI \\"WAPI R.. Within the
I-HI file )Urt, unda Prnidc-ftt Chen Shua.
bt.1n from the l>cmoCf'atic Pros,rcn1YC
P.uty (llJlPJ • wcicty hn become
poluilcd by communal politics. it lool..s
like • rc·turn to the situ.auon in 194"'.
"h1ch i1 the background to
'1989). 1n lime-\
Our u1h1ic pu,...,uits
mu'1 on The) mu'' 'lt;&) to
..oclct) And \\C mu..t conl.lnuc 10 upho1d
Ju,tKC and faime.,.5 1t b 1rue ch:u 1he politi·
cal 'hu:.uion in Tliw;an fDOf'C:
complc'> Jn,te:ad of people, politi·
ci:an .. ••.c.··c:m on I) • in con..,olid:at·
lnft pc>\\ er \".tlue) ha\e become distorted.
Tile) ha\C the (:act th:at wh:ate\-er
the) do will ha\c an bearing on
u ... lf )Ott pur .. uc communal it will
become   :1 .. p:art of the clt:Ct oral
cullurt:. Ucfon: Chen and the OI'P, when
( KMT) W;t) in power, the
c<.·onomlc hoo•n !ll!turge of social
cncrg)' that carried u .. through. In tunl,
the cncrtt)' WU:\ :'1'\0 what the opposition
thf'l vcd on. To be fuir, KM1' did not resolve
HOU HSIAO·HSIEN"a sixth nomination tor tha Palmo d'Or In Cannes was for The Best of Our Times was the (.:Ornmun:d bl!tUCl!t when it was du.: ruling
announced n tow days before ho attended the 18th Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF), whoro party. ' l'ocby, In my opinion, the polari t)"
ho ..... tho &ubjoct of o10 Official retrospective. The Taiwanese director had not planned to partlclpnte ha' become vcrr pronOlUlCCd. '1\trnout of
1n CDnntta, howent, v.hen filming ended the jury in..,ited him to submit a 30-minute of his lll(){lcr.uc \ Oien- in the 200 • prc:)identi:tl
nomination. HiS f1lm lt a continuation of the working relationship between Hou HSI30·htlen and election .. w;a .. 'Cf) low_
attron Shu Qt who nrat appenred In Millennium Mambo (2001). used to tho pace and jump cutt of Hon• The pn:...cnt h rJther uncxpcct·
Konc cinema, Shu Qa had not teen pro..,lously In the way Hou captured her on film. Since then, Shu cd- \\c art.• .. t;attln,K W -,.ee I he r<."alh} hc.:hind
(11 haa repoatedfy aaked tho 57-year·old director to make another film. Hou started writing the acupt latt our cru"·'ll".tlt t i e' '" ath Chln:t Ckarl), :tn·
Ooc:omber, ba'MCI on Shu Ql'a Pt.)'Cholo&Jeal atat.o' then 11nd the stories In which she was Tho t.t.)tUili'm or ...m " ill ne>
rHut\ Boat of Our Tlmoa, '"whic:h Shu Ql and Chanc Chen play thr .. different or•• Wtt.n "h<'R" Hu..,anc ... ...ucn m.lll) of v.·bom pro-
..._ ... ._ .....,_ u.e 1000 '"' atoc.k rotnnc. w.Mch • .. .. ..
= on
"'''"-'••to..• ... .,.. ..... o k.MS>hJ,; IWid potrucs wrth Zhlw.r.

1)1'1• .tlld IlK lJI\\.&0 '-'lh\l.tnl\ l 1\Klfl \1 lhl
...anK- 1anH·. ,,ton .tnd 'tlh,tc.Jt.· r.lh."' ''"'',
"'"'rnl l.anuht·, .1.nt.11nc nd' h.\\'-" hu. luc. .,
l'k·, .tU"l' l,l llc,hltt.' \\ hc:n l ' '''tc..-...1 t lw hu'l'l·
1.11 rn.c.· nth 1 notu.·l·d lhJl the: tor
P'Hh&Jttll' nul,uh.Utc.m ''·'' hHJih p.u. l..c:d
1 hi' h.t .. nc.-\t.'t l)f.:c.· n till' t:.l,c.: hc:lurt.
\n .lrli'l h• .. l.tnd up .and lu: u1Ut1tl'l l
I thin"- lh.u the.· 't'nHHJ \\ mid \\.11' tKu
ph.- Jll\lh.thh \\c;nt .1mund IK ur
'he: \\CHIItl ntU ht· tht 1\l"\t 11\ lulc.· I hn dlmt·
hl Ln·r <IUit:l .uld lhc:- Juumplh.l' nl
tiKtr ummr\ 'r<lltc.•«.:' indif'l'lth In J "·'' 11
\\HI .an: n:.alh anh, .an I hcht·,,- ,,,u '''11 dc.·11
mt..-h h.a,c.· ;1 lluhttt . .al 'tJili.\: llmH·H:r. I .un
nut n krnng tu p.ana'-ln ptlhtK' - I .am uiL
th\· \.lhk-.., th.uc.·omc.· '' tth edt a""I•Lt.·
hhc:r.ah'"' "(M..Uh'm 1 .am t.tll.tntt
dunh"' hL...- JU'tk e lnr the rl\:\\ JeW
Ut m, .... h' c.tttr     poJ')f.dJtKut
1t '"" nm lmpun.uu il I ur ncn
I hi .. .. nt:H·r m' .. t;tnint:t pc.dnt whc,'ll
.t ltlm ( R.·.un,.... t on unpul""<· \\ h.n '""
t rm. 1;l1 1.., the.: <"1'\:.uor .Uld hi' In
ICJl- tm •
lak ut tU\\ .an \\.I"' not l'ud ht: -.c.•tu h,r ll'
th.&t \\t.' \\OOid n:tum 10 \lt:e,iJn In
( huu .lltc.:r tu .. \HJor'L. Thtnp tJungc;d \\ hc:n,: t"t.Jbh.Jletl h1'
c;mmc.-nc '" c.·"k- m f.aapea .lftc:r dc:k·.at h} tiK·
c.-,)fltmum-.t .. m 19-tt) Rant_:. uprooted to .llll"\\
C'O\ IRiflOlenl \\ alh oo   of return
Jdt .an tndchhk • un
nltnhc.·r, "hn ..   dC\t"\opt."ti tlcpll.'-
'ton lt-uukt x-n"'f; the: tmmt:n!tC' II"Witnuon
v.tthm m\ umtl}
\\ 1\("n 1 w;&..' m primary !r!Choot. I
C.."'\n)'thintt from manial an nc)\d' to
mnunttc.: nmd' A'l ttrcw older. the r-.ani{C t"ll.·
p.mdnl On himJ,Is;ln . I w.t:, the- lmm
c.I.Atkm for future cxpcrtcJK-c. Our home '"·''
n<.:Jr J tt·mplc. "h1ch th.u there"'""""'',;c c:1f opera perfornuntc.:'
or puppet .. ho", 1 could abo w· .atching .a lot or
hlm,forln.:c.: ..
- U1IU lbc -..:a or bot malml!< W.C IK ....,,
I .... ., llll4leed lbc - . .,,
(lhr Ma•nllndrro.) and tlw:m Cn.atl\w: < hlflt.'"'o(;
In l:u"'-;an) -'.nd t OOeklpc-d .a "oC'fl"o(.' ol per-
ta\t_ tn our plt}tht I 11 " on· dut nn hln" .J10UkJ tOlKh on theme.--.. hS..c.·
4.1H\U. mpman '"\\ .m the
1\.KL.f,tn,untl eo \ ( lt) of '-ad ne;.«.' L' the m .... .._..
t ui ( lunc.-...e n.Hi\e-o, b) K\1T' 'UPI')unc.·"·
am hK u .. '' ''" the human 'tt>fic' Ahcr I Ill
...atlnt.·" trllot-:). I nude 1·1ou t'l'\ of .\l'tm)!.h(ll
c I')'JX>. "hi(.h ...,cd on the bc't no' cl f h.H'l'
t.·' t.·r r<: Jc.l .. J r«.:Jii"''tk and intnc;atc I>On r;&) .tl of
hum . .n rdJtJuu,hip' '<I tn brothc.;h
1   on \-our hf'lt <I ut...., I ion r .un .tw.1rc:
ue the.· manner in "htc:h < hc:n \\On
tu .. -.c:c.ut\tJ term in 'te\\ of the h11...arn: ·'""'
• .&Item pc un ham .a d.;n before' IlK" ZOO 1
tku•"'' J m nut   hen "-IIJ "-kh .a pt\
«.:\c.·nt m     pnntdc: the.:
M,ruuncJ ,,, m"\ Jllm' llt.M-C\cr-. I .tm ot-un: at "'ill
In IJC.t the opptNIIUil \\.ln1t."C.I OM.' IU
nuLc. " lllm oabout the tl'ktdtnt hue 1 tunk--c.l
Ctll-·ntduv.n llNh, thq lud.a\t:r) IIJ.tlll0c.J<I
hnc: "Atuc.h nw:-.1n1 ttu1 I v.ould he.· nuthlnJ.t
mun th . .m p.l\\ n m tlx.,r puhhc • .ll Jt,.&OK' '«.-·
undh the.· h. ;an: m.1n) i''uc:' In he.: c.:'-plnrc:d
lmd • ltM· .1ho.urd n ..uun: ut the.· .i"''-'""
'ifl.lhun .tll< ntpt nlt-Jilt that I \\tMlkl ne. ul .1
ln'l ot runt\ h Anc.ll 'A 111 .II'WI hlr.c.· 111 ltna.. tlw
u-...1ck m ''' tlk" -. .. , lhc uppc-,..ltum h.&, rulnl
l.ti'A ;an IJC"f• wt· < hen
"-A t r J ) •u I tnlc. s rn..oek t H.l
d1t.t dr f·Ul ft
I he ahiht) Ill n-fJcc. t •m nn IN. hk:u
mc-nlHbdnot u,..._.lmmnlwc.'l} ltk-1-mAt"
k ttr.ld\ul I an"'""""" c.k:.irh • l•m
I 'CT) I'-"' b mln.tncol R1) Me> and 1
arn lu 'l<'flv: • ''"f) quk:lf) '9i hen 1
• ,., I nul.r l.b1: c.k' ,,.Jil,
11 tu, tu '-"• 'lllollh the 1.14.1 dut althuuJth nn
l .muh ... u ... ll.U_. •c. dMJ "'" '"" m ..
.lln..l¥ohc.n "' c.amc.·tu '""'"" \h r.uhcrdktl
Vi hell I v- a. .. t" '-he.· ..&nd nn moll her f"t.I"-M:d
:.1\\.t\ _.,,"l.lhU IJ(Jt-""- ur nnKh un Ill\
u\\-U l·mu4tnrtAih I "-•tntc:d htf(l\l" .11td c.utn
nttl 'IUidd) hc« I"'"' 'Uhc..un..._ ttHI'I)
  • lur ttr.&lltkJIIC)Il
1 rum :.a hlnunJir.n .. J't:l'pt."t. tt\'-' IlK UJ'"-ick
ul '4;11 f.Ufl"'lMMt' mc.:,;an .. ""' «..Ill
'l.lrt ht «.: \plun.· nthc.:r upuun' of .II>J'nJ.Ic. hlllJ.:
\Uur I \\J' Jhuut 11 \\ hc.n him
lnlot ( 11{• /m,wtt•(.!C)C) D \h tn.hnlc...ll tUIIII"K
u_· nc.. \ hl '"" .dn.-.ttl\ .n the.: J I"H.' I
'Ill tu Id rt.· .tlh n:l.e' .tnd hi m "ll,ltt·' c.:r tfnlll-, t•J
mind I \\ .uu to nukt. .nu re hluh. thl' pwt
t .... ul .1 him truh "'·'I>' )tJUf
\ml .. lnu· I h.IH' .1hout h:n or"",''-.,.,.... cd pru·
dU4. tiH· flit lc.·U I \\.UII tu fol.IH' 11 .I h I"' .I,
thnutth I h.l\ t· .1u1uin.•t.l Jll the..· ,)..Ill, lfl
Jn' n .. tH n.:wrn tu tiK.: puJ,tHhttt.· \\ctr1d ul
• en h)tht 11 out
In tiN.: I,, .. , k\\ \c.·J.,..... I h.a\t." hc..·c..:•nnt· k· .... c.lh •
,,H. "hc.·n lllm' I J:UC.'"-' u umH ..... "1th
..1._:'-· 'UU \\Uri. un the.: c.k:tJII"" 'tJll tU11"'Kk:r
c.·H·n thtnJ.t 1hc.-:n 'ou kt-.e JO(U' \\ hc.:n I ""'""
I"·'"" 'h.ltp .;antll.l'l lc.hc.l nut f. .I"'' If
tiKn: \\c.·n.· "'HIK lhlllJ.t' ulthc.: 'l't th.&t did nut
hc.:lmlJt w the..· hl.,lorK:.d h.u.:kJtmunU uf tht.· him
\h l·.ulic.-r ulm' '"-'re mon: .uHI .. tm·
pli,tit 1 hupc; IC) tt.:tUrtliO lh.ll
\I\' llc '!otllltltinlc \'our filru "ill hnunu:
ll ..,j nr t cc; feu heir IIIH I
11 " futu c:
If , c,, I :.uu ·""arc of the po<t .. lhllit} ;\
jt)utn.tlht In Cannc,oncc rcm.ukcd th.u h im
nut..;c.:,.... llkt.· me ;arc .almost cMtnct J clu mH
".uch nun) hln" nt) but ''hen I du. I re
.ah...._.. thJI nl\ ".t) of c'prc.:.,..,ion .1nd 'truuur-
lll):: nn him .. "c.nurcl} different fnmt cnhc.:r'o l".lt...c C.afe lum•crc. for c.;"\:.lnlpk
the.· him " ffi) hc>mJ.gc: to Yl.,UJtto 0Ju (v. hn
nutlc..: /fJ.•1"' \/u,.,·). but an m.m) ".I)'. I 'hxKJ
un the: nppc:,...alc .. klc: of 0Lu. when I made
the film. rqrra1i\ T i!l alwap• rnc.kec.l
wtth of daily lhn. The .. trut.·turt' ''
aiWI)'1t. compacl and he- would uo.c ju'l ot fc.;w
of the ttalllC' a nd actrc-"c' in llMO) of
hl' him .. The')' cJu not look .1 .. thout-t h the:)
hotd tu 'ou:l' th:at much to :tc.:hicve the rc;alhm
in Ollt"" hl nl"'' Robcrc d irector of
PldJjXH..I..'t'l. h J admire a' wc:tl A'
)OU k i iC)\\ he: hh ca .. t uruJI
tht.') did not 10 do it JP)- more Then he:
\\tntld .,t.1rt hlmmg- 3nd he ne:' er u .. ccJ the,:
.....anw: .lltof Uf   IWi(:C TJlC' .. milarlty
t\c:l\\u:n the C\"\U 1\ thdr ;anti  
tn rt·,;ah,m or tf )OU wotnt 'ubtcusu: rcJII.,m
I IL4'\\tl'«.' I .lnl lr') anj,t t o the ot tmu.:
Jnd 'JUc.c; to .aduC\c reoah,m. lO n:-con .. cnau
tt:.llt'm \tl\bc.: an future. \iC"e" \\Ill lUI1-
.. tdcr mm 1e' ....
H· r i lnc HI "'I tiJ\ tinn in
ouc: filrn' di.slugue it. nc,·n encircl)
ru h n ,lu\\ fl, I In¥. ncr. ou lt ire
1Hn•nintnl lilic \'<'u Nh·n jl'U
ncl ( la11 I inH\'TII for )'OUt film• i'
h rul ul d1r
J I I \\-'hen the 'Yl:ripl for A r!J \mint..,,
''""•' \Hittc.·n h) the nmch't Chu TlcO·\\Cil
Jnd Ill) ...CH \\'u Nic:O·Jcn hclrx:d u' l ooL
lt Jnd m.ake .1 fc:l\ <:h.tnftc;-.. J)u,f 111
Jl>c U 1nd( 19HCJ) 1' \\ u· .. but I
"''C c..   I n-mc..-m her he ' 01u.-d .a h:"
-.umpiAint'' 'm\Jd.;&)' I "1th ( hu l1u1
\\t.·n mor...- \\t .. tun: '1m1b.r ..
.&ndpntnh·ul\te\\ \\t:\\tll ..
di"C. lt"'"'lllJ.; I     lu')c: _ A .. .a I
v.1ll ue.atc.· .and IRl.IJ.ttnt.· the.: him ''"""
"''' C hu \\ the"- nt')t. hnd th\. hx u' ,,,
tile." n.arr.tiiH .and trtm •he 'IOf\ linl· \\ hn1
tht· "\c:lllll"' r«.Jd' the ut:" \\Ill rt·Jd 11 1
cl•1 nut 11 Jml I dehnitd) do nut """l 11
whnll .un dirnthtM the him Whl'll I hhn 1
,.,..nn In ouch-.· .urun .. rhc.--n: .11\d .mu ut the·
M't I \\ourL un the.· c.·m""""·d 'lillt· ut I he..·, .... ,
rt'ikt to the.· "''c.."l .antJ ntJL.c.-'"'."'"'" unlll
l \ U) thlllM h in• .\,\\c.· .-.l.llllll d
ark( t.h,., U'\'"' c.l IlK· him '" thutuUI(hh , thcr,· ''
nu ""iiiJ I t. 'IIU\ tuu lnm1 I he. k tl("t
1/1-JtJUnK the c :el\lfll' \\hO
...,.kJ In \u- At mu" Jc, th> '' \I 1t,IJ .. ,mlmn
(the Ch,uk"' Ilk,. 'unun lutUh"'l K6)
tk-rth C-:\1'\h on the• 'UrtAC"C IQ the- 'UI'I<"ffl
c.t.1l • •cc.;,n,ktul
oilnd ''-"'':anncM <"l.fll.lln u hh,..
""' hut C'\t r)-unc u•'kknunch I he rutun
ul FllmmAII.tnl( '"' •lnttf..r \\he. n "c. ju'\1.11"'-l'\l
cktAtl' ut tl.£1h hH .. m .a him .tnd \\hen \H·
put !W ttm• 111 \ :.and !'14-"Mil"K'nt 11 hJttl thc-r u•
IIIM rnunt.tttc.· the.· nt·'\t lnc.l ut me :.antnw "111
'"'' '"u \t'rtuli .. c.· tt lltnAih _ hut
)nu "111 h c.-1 thAt 11 h rc.·.tlt .. uc .ami lrut·
A Tribute to
Chen Yifei ( 1946-2005)
12 October - 12 November 2005
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