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Is SELCO successful? Why/why not? What factors contributed to its growth?

Yes Selco is successful, In spite of several downturn in the business cycle , it has been able to maintain its business sense and has stuck to its mission . It has been able to get funds several times because of its successful business model and the noble cause of helping the poor earn their lively hood better. Factors of growth: 1. usiness support from !"!" # as supplier

$. %arge base of rural population &. %oyal and trainer workforce with a sense of belongingness '. (ery low attrition ). "vailability of funding from foreign and national agencies *. Supporting suppliers
Who are the stakeholders? Is there any conflict between interests of stakeholders? Discuss Investors Custo!ers "gencies e!#loyees govern!ent Initially Selco went wrong while searching for su##liers who can #rovide it with solar #anels and other !aterials at low cost but then they were least concern about the social cause the co!#any was into$ During downturn of the business cycle for Selco it did feel that their is a conflict between the interest of Selco and its su##liers other than %"%" &' hence it learned the lesson and went back to the !odel where %"%" &' beca!e its largest su##lier once again Co!!ent on Selco(s business !odel of value creation? )ow do you react to such kind of !odel as far as scaling u# of business is concerned Selco(s &usiness !odel is uni*ue and although even if its +,or #rofit organi-ation. but it is very evident fro! the case that its !ore of a social cause$ It has very well identified an une/#lored !arket for itself it has got its custo!er base but the !ost i!#ortant was #roviding door ste# solution in ter!s of financing and !aintenance$ Which Selco has very well done it$ "s far as scaling u# is concerned I think the co!#any needs to diversify its #roduct in the electronics and electrical seg!ent since the chances of earning large #rofit is !ini!al and every business for e/#ansion re*uires ca#ital which in this case is not #ossible$ %he co!#any can co!e u# with a #lan and raise ca#ital fro! !arket invest it in the diversified business earn #rofit and alongside carry on its business of Solar lighting for the #oor$

Is it a business case of CS0 or social case of business? Co!!ent .or !e this is social case of business Is there any social i!#act of Selco? )ow can a co!#any sustain the social1co!!ercial !ission in long run? .