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By: giunta

I drafted myself the pattern: basically it’s a simple straight top, cutted on the front under the breast, with a central openings and a serie of tuxedo folds. A corean collar and two askew semi-circular volant sleeves 1

I think are perfect very light cotton blends.complete the blouse. and the buttons on the other one. you then cut and sew the buttonholes on one piece. or silk. I suggest 3-4 buttons. You can find the instructions here in the project page.5 cm wide hem. BUTTONHOLES after cutting all your elements. Inside it. For this kind of top. and obtain a 1-1. start making the central hem in the two upper front pieces: fold the central side two times. and the PDF in the pattern page. These are in a size US 8/ EU 40. but it’s your choice! 2 . Don’t know why I always make this mistake when I upload patterns!! Materials cotton georgette Step 1 — CENTRAL HEM.

folding in the last one. Step 3 — SEW THE PIECES TOGETHER 3 . Then.Step 2 — TUXEDO iron the dart lines on the two rectangles and sew them on the upper fronts. cut the neckline on the dart piece at the top following the already cutted rounded line of the upper front.

Then. sew the shoulders seams.Sew together the yoke and the back piece. and the two upper fronts with the bottom front (trying to cross the two central hems laying the buttonholes one over the buttons one for about 1 cm). Step 4 — SLEEVES 4 .

this will give them more movement. you’ll obtaint the volant.after sewing the sleeves hem on the rounded side. Step 5 — THE COLLAR 5 . sew together the shoulder and the straight side of the sleeve: in this way. Remember to cut the sleeves on the askew fabric.

You can use the techique you prefere. or even sewing another line with the machine. sew it on the neckine.After sewing together the two sides of the collar. NERDY BLOUSES 6 . or covering it with some bias tape. the only problem in the end is the inside hem: you can arrange it with hand seams.