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OHSAS 18001 versus MS 1722

OHSAS 18001 ... ... is an international standard that is developed by the OHSAS project Group, an association that includes government agencies, certification bodies, national standards, industry associations, and consultants. The British Standards nstitution !BS " currently provides the Secretariat of the OHSAS #roject Group. The aim of OHSAS $%&&$ is to assist organi'ations in managing and controlling their health and safety ris(s and improving their OH)S performance. n response to customer demand for an occupational health and safety management system that can be assessed objectively, certified credibly, and recogni'ed internationally, the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series !OHSAS" standards are developed for use by all types of organi'ations and industries. MS 1722:2005 ... ... is a *alaysian Standards that provides re+uirements on Occupational Safety and Health *anagement System !OSH*S" and basis for the development of sustainable OSH culture in an organisation. t entails a more humanistic approach to,ards OSH management as compared to OHSAS $%&&$ ,here it, on the other hand, seems to be presenting itself as a management tool used to,ards an effective and efficient management of OSH ris(s. Adapted from the -O.OSH *S /&&$, this *alaysian guidelines on OSH ,as a result of an urgent need for a local *S that represents the nation0s commitment to,ards safety and health enhancement efforts at the ,or(place. The aim of this standard is to establish compliance ,ith legislations and protecting employees from ha'ards and the elimination of ,or(.related injuries, disabilities, ill health, diseases, near misses and fatalities. This system also leads to overall value added to the economy and social ,ell.being of mar(et relevant *alaysian Standards and provide to the development of global mar(et. Both standards are e+ually practical and applicable, one is international standard and the other is *alaysian standard but the aim is to ensure health and safety is managed effectively. By controlling the OH)S ris(s that are consistent ,ith their OH)S policy and objectives, organi'ations can achieve and demonstrate sound health and safety performance and ste,ardship.