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)COPY A BLOCK OF DATA Copy a block of 20 bytes data available from address 60h to 73h to the location starting from 40h?

)SHIFT A BLOCK OF DATA Shift a block of 8 bytes of data.presently located from 50h to 57h.2.1 byte up so that data is present in 51h to 58h .

3.)COUNT NUMBER OF NULLS Twenty bytes of data are stored in location from 7FH to 6CH of internal RAM.which contain 00h.count the number of those bytes . .and store this number of null bytes in RAM location 6BH.

Develop a program to add all these 16 integers and store the 8 bit sum in memory location 60H START: MOV R0.A OVER: SJNMP OVER 5.#50H .)SUM OF NATURAL NUMBERS .ADDIT MOV @R0.4.#10H .CLEAR CHECKSUM ADDIT: ADD A.)FIND THE CHECKSUM Sixteen consecutive bytes starting from 50H have unsigned integers .COUNTER FOR 16 ADDITION MOV A.#00H .@R0 INC A DJNZ R7.POINT TO FIRST NUMBER MOV R7.

Assume the non zero value of N available in location 30H.)SUM OF SERIES Write a program to find the sum of series 1-2+3-4+….Store the sum in the accumulator 7..6. .) FIBONACCI SERIES: Generate FIBONACCI series up to N terms and save from location 50H onwards. upto N terms.Also assume the value of N to be greater than 3. Assume N being available in location 4FH.