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Tresdin, Ledion Commander

I. Skill Build -Moment of Courage -Press The Attack -Moment of Courage -Press The Attack -Moment of Courage -Duel -Moment of Courage -Press The Attack -Press The Attack -stat or u to !ou going "#er$helming "dds% i usuall! go stats& -Duel

II. Item Build %'#' mone!& -stout shield -(uelling )lade -Sal#e Core items -#anguard -)link dagger -*al)erd -Assault Cuirass


III. *o$ to Pla! Tresdin.

This hero can l#l + neutral cree . usuall! start of l#l ,-. neutral cree s a$n area either on scourge-senti side. ./sec mark go on the site kill as much as ossi)le then ull '+-', mark to res a$n more cree more moment of courage%like counter heli0& also s am ress attack%regen-as d for 1sec& !ou can farm u for earl! #anguard )ut i refer to go for dagger as earl! as ossi)le. I )elie#e this *ero doesn2t need as much as ossi)le DPS items this hero can rel! on his 3D45L3. 6ou can farm u as much as !ou can in neutral areas that Po -u $hen there are enem! hero $ho $ill die instant 37+/3 ermanent.

If !ou ha#e an! 8uestions or like to add something lease message me