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Summary of Incidents reported in different projects :
11-Oct-2009 27-Sep-2010 12-Feb-2007 26-Aug-2008 09-Dec-2005 05-Jun-2006 05-Feb -2010 NM LTI MTC RWC RWC FAC - Cutting disc shattered, flying apart, nobody was injured. - Employee sustained an open fracture injury from a shattered grinding disc. - Employee was grinding metalwork when the grinding disc edge disintegrated smashing through his face shield and into the mouth area. - Employee was working with grinding machine on pipe when grinding disc smashed and one of the pieces hit his right hand. - Employee was grinding the bottom part of the pipe. Some parts of the grinding disc flew out and hit his lips. - Employee was grinding a pipe when the grinding disc broke and punctured his left boot resulting in a small punctured wound on his right foot. Employee was grinding with cutting disk. The disk disintegrated and made a big cut on face of nearby person.

Grinding machines and abrasive wheels should always be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. In particular: - Wear all required personal protective equipment such as eye, face, and hearing protection; as well as gloves and safety shoes. - Always ensure the maximum speed (the no load rpm) marked on the abrasive wheel is greater than the rated speed of the grinder. - Do not use grinding wheels that are larger than the maximum recommended size, or worn down wheels from other grinders. - Never use grinding wheel power tools without the wheel guard attached to the tool and positioned for maximum safety. - Store and handle abrasive wheels with care and inspect them for chips or cracks before installing. - Do not use any wheel that may be damaged.