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Unit 4- P3/4

I took this set of photography in inspiration of Cindy Sherman after researching her work. I was most interested in the outcomes she created with women and the simplistic nature of how they can look sinister without really doing anything. To ensure my photography adhered to her style, I ensured that my images were taken in black and white and enhanced slightly so that the visual aspect of the image created a more sinister vibe. A majority of Cindy’s photography with women is in domestic situations, so with my photography I attempted to capture that in my own set. The photography I managed to take is evidently simplistic, but I feel simplicity can portray sometimes much more than a busy piece. By using the camera on portrait I was able to reflect the everyday nature of the shot, as well as the intrigue of the woman in the shot. I think the shot itself has a range of meanings, all displayed in a sinister narrative of a deadly woman.