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Focus in FAST on the e-services providers best able to meet your e-commerce needs with — The E-Services Providers Report: answerthink Consulting Group ea eee rents Cambridge Technology Partners ter Seiences Corporation (CSC) Context Integration es Cee ert Pees oa Extraprise oes co cea Ea coma Pore ts pee oe et Kinsev & Company Wire Ree ee ec Proxicom, Ine Coes Sapient Scient Corporation eet Poe) Soo Soran ZEFER Corporation Developed by EY) an affiliate of Vortec Pe aed Ene marca Teen a eee xtensive profiles of the 34 Ferree ree cat ers Frets thee rence earns of competitive intelligence. ITSA gathered extensive information on the 34 leading firms, including their Deere reer) Cera ter Miniter Sas alliances and future direction. Provid are rated by the report's analysts, who give expert opinions of each vendor's sean sce eevee kere ere ern ee er ce eee profiled Y Current projected client spending on e-serv type of service and industry Y Types of service providers ¥ Vendor comparisons ¥ Industry trends A shift in demand in the Intemet services market has created a new breed of provider — the Internet services provider. By contrasting new market entrants like Scient, Viant, iXL and Proxicom with the traditional IT services providers and consultants along with the Big 5 — all of whom continue to add e-services capabilities to their offerings ~ ITSA’s new research report is the most definitive, comprehensive guide to e-services available today. Designed to guide the corporate buyer safely through the wide range of choices in today’s e-services marketplace, The Services Providers Report delivers both quantitative and qualitative assessments of the Internet professional services industry and of the 34 leading e-services vendors in particular. + CEOs, C1Os and CFOs of client companies now engaged in e-commerce or planning an e-commerce initiative + Companies competing or partnering with e-commerce and e-services providers + IS managers charged with providing e-services support and. working with e-services providers CEOs and top executives of e-services providers, vendors, resellers and suppliers of IT or e-commerce application: software and services IT, ERP, KM, CRM and e-commerce consultants + Venture capitalists, analysts, investment bankers and advisors in the e-commerce and e-services sectors ¥ In-depth profiles of the 34 leading e-services providers The E-Services Providers Report Ee Offerings, Methodologes, , Annual Resene by Contact Size 1. Autre page 1 Key Findings IM. Report Overview ‘As Parpos pase 1B, Companies Proed Methodology / Dat Clleston Definitions The Services Market A Maker Evolution BL E-Sevioes Provides Corporate Confusion D. Making Sense of AIL 1. pes of EServices A Sevies Oyersiw BL E-Sevius Offerings CE Seviws Provider Capabilior VL Services Providers A Ieoducton B.Competive Maker Landscape C.E-Seevies Royal Family D. Leadership Hertage E, Docs Age Really Mater? F. Why Older Wil Prva Over Tine (6. Paring oe Espa Capes VIL Maret Siing ‘cIneodostion BL Markt Spening (WS. Type of Service, Worldwide aby Iadasey) Mates Opportniy (US. by “Type of Sencar Words) D. Markt Sizing Methodology i, industry Tends A laradcton| Trends in the User Community (Trends inthe Vendor Cammaniy 1X. Company Comparisons: Nendor Overviews, Service Target Markets, Major Customers, Busines-o-Busines (82). SBusinss-to-Consumer (B20) AA Vendor Overviews page 2. Service Oferings . Methodoogie D Tage Makes E Major Customers Busines to-Bimines (825) v8 Business o-Consumer (B2C) X. Company Comparisons: (Contract Pricing, Performance Metrics, and Cent ide Relationship Management [A-Confect cing 1. Performance Metis . Client ide Relationship XL Company Comparisons: Strategies for International Expansion, Aequisons, and Marketing and Sales A. Inerational Expension Strategies '. Acguision Steps (Marketing and Stes Stteries XIL_ Company Comparisons ‘The Most Admired Vendors sand Thee Future Plans [A"The Most Admired E-Series Vendors Future Plane Xl. Company Comparisons: Funding ‘nd Financ Performance [8 Ventre Capital Funding ', Anal B-Series Revenue . Growth in E-Series Business Bexwesn 198 and 1999 Nev Busines oun Existing Customers Peet f Business Represented by 10 Largest Coster G.Reveme Per Blab Empeye= H. Stock Performance, 1999 I, Rating the EServices Providers A.Oveview E-Services Review . Suet of E-Services Yeon Nv Profiles ‘desea Conuting ‘saswexhin Consuting Groap “App In. ‘Anu Andersen AT. Keamey ‘Canis Technology Paress {Computer Sciences Corsration (CSC) Cones Integraion Diamond Tecnology Partners lecric Data Stems Corporation (EDS) meré Solutions, In Fert Pot Press TBM Global Sevies x eae, ns, KPMG Consling Lane Corporation Lamina Worldwide Corporation Mekinsey & Company NereWie Ine PrcewaerhouseCoopes Proxco, Ie Revove In Sopiet Scien Corporation US. tneracive USWeNICKS (marehFIRST) ‘ian Corporation XOR, Ine ZEFER Corporation Tables 1 The 34 E-Services Providers Profiled in TSA's Yeu 2000 Industry Report 2, EServces Providers Capabilities 3, eServices Royal Family page 4, ESerices Letderhip fom Select E-Series Vendors apd Their Heriages 5, EServices Vendor Parnesips nd Related Competencies 6, EServce Spending, United Stats, 1999-2008 ($0 E-Sevies Spending Worldnide by Type of Serie, 1999-2003 (SM) 1. ESenvices Spending, Wri ty Rion, 1999-2003 (SM) 9, EServices Spending by Industry. ‘United Stats, 1999-2008 (3M) E-Services Markt Oppotinis United Stats, 1999-2003 (84) E-Services Markt Oppo ‘Workwie by Reon, 199-2003 (SM) -Sevies Matkt Oppornity by Indy, Woléwide, 1999-2003 (340) 13. Quek Fact about 34 Leacing [E-Services Vendor ia the United Stats 14, Target Makoto he E-Serces Providers, 2000; 15, Major Casomers of Select E-Services Fis 16 E-Seviws fom Select Firms Devote © the Basineseo- Business Macht, 2000 1. Contac Ping Mesbanisms Employed ty Select EServices Providers 1, Client Side Relationship Management 19, Acgusition Suatezes of 4 Leading E-Serce Provides, 2000 20, E-Services Vendor Marketing Sates, 2000 21, ESemices Vendors Admiing Other E-Services Vendors 2 Fru Investment Ares Mentonad ty 34 Slat E-Services Vendors 23, Venue Capital Funding Sources of Selet E-Series Fine 24, Anal Revenues ad Yeur-Ove-Year eres (3 E-Sevies Vendors, 1998-1999 28. Top 10 Fast-Growth E-Services Providers 1998-19 26, New Business Generated by Exiting Customers for Selec Vendor, 199 27, Pereat of Bornes Represented by {O Largest Customers for Selet B-Series Vendors, 1999 28, vente per Bilable Employee af Select E-Series Vendo, 199 29, Stock Performance of let E-Services Finns 530, Ring the e-Sevies Providers BI. ITSA’s Opinions of E-Services Vendor’ Srenets Figures 1 iypesof Series 2 The PS Sete Tange 3, nae of Slt Vos into the ES: Ata 4. Phase an E-Series Projet Mahalo 5. UStvs Inerationl Basis of E-Services ‘er stint 1999 and 20 6 ama Revue by Coane Ste Tien ken eee men momen een

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