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Published by: Savin Gabriela on Jan 01, 2014
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Christmas Tree TARDIS


Pixelated Mushroom
(and MrsNorris)

http: pixelatedmushroom!blo"spot!#om

Thank yous Thank you to $rs5orris onderfu! sno y top. It's ho!!o but keeps its shape hen hung from a tree or stood on a tab!e. Sad!y it#s not bigger on the inside. Inc( increase Dec( decrease Ch( chain S!ip( s!ip stitch Contact and updated versions *or comments or questions p!ease emai! pi+e!atedmushroom.gmai!.Pattern Information A quick recipe for a TARDIS crochet ornament to hang on your Christmas tree.com I am a! ays happy to he!p if you are ha&ing troub!e ith anything in the patterns. See Ra&e!ry pro4ects for inspiration. friends or charity.C trademarks and do not se!! finished items. . Skills Required / Abbreviations Uses US crochet terms $agic circ!e %&ideo' Sc( sing!e crochet Doub!e crochet( ha!f)doub!e)crochet decrease. ho added the Copyri ht $ake for yourse!f. The most recent &ersion of this pattern i!! a! ays be a&ai!ab!e from my b!og or from Ra&e!ry. Materials -mm crochet hook .!ue and hite oo! %D/ 0 "p!y or 1orsted 0 23p!y for best effect' Se ing need!e for adding decorations Any another decorati&e touches you ish to add. but p!ease respect .. ay to !earn The finished TARDIS is about "cm ta!!. Intended for crochet beginners. this recipe for the TARDIS' basic shape is a good simp!e amigurumi techniques in !ess than an hour. 6e!p keep these patterns a&ai!ab!e for e&eryone to use by respecting these terms.

sc' in fo!!o ing st= repeat to end 9 -8 >' <sc in 7 sts. dec= repeat to end 9 8" ")27' sc a!! . A mini Doctor i!! fit inside. s!ip ? back up chain. sc' in fo!!o ing st. sts. Sno"y top Thank you to $rs5orris for this section( &sin "hite' 2' magic circ!e 7 8' inc e&ery st 9 28 :' inc e&ery 8nd st 9 2" -' inc e&ery :rd st 9 8. sc' in fo!!o ing st= repeat to end 9 :7 This row makes corners around the top edge of your TARDIS 7' sc the inside !oop of each stitch in the ro This row makes a raised ridge >' <sc in . dec. Continue orking in scs adding droops of different !engths. dc. Se in ends. Decorate the outside of the TARDIS as desired and add a !oop to the top for hanging. dc. then chain ?. sc in > sts. dec. then %sc. Working from the top of the TARDIS down 2' magic circ!e 7 Insert a safety pin or stitch marker to keep track of the ro beginning as you go. attach the sno y top to your TARDIS ith hite oo!. dec= repeat to end 9 :Next you will e making drooping icicles of snow . dc. @sing se ing need!e. dc. sc in > sts.' inc e&ery -th st 9 :3 7' <sc in 7 sts. dc.reak yarn !ea&ing a tai! and thread tai! through !ast !oop on hook to finish. then %sc.Pattern TAR!IS base &sin blue' Sno"y top #cont$% "' sc a!ong unti! you ish to make an icic!e. sts. dec. dc. dec.' <sc in . then %sc. 8' inc e&ery st 9 28 :' inc e&ery 8nd st 9 2" -' inc e&ery :rd st 9 8.

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