WebQuest Evaluation Rubric

Excellent (4)

Good (3)

Satisfactory (2)

Poor (1)

Scor e

Self Peer Teach Eval Eval er uatio uatio evalua n n tion

Use of Internet ( in!s Provided)

Successfully Occasionally Usually able to eeds uses able to use use suggested assistance or suggested suggested Internet links to su!ervision Internet links Internet links find to use to find to find information and suggested information information navigates Internet and navigates and navigates within these links and"or within these within these sites easily to navigate sites easily sites easily without within these without without assistance. sites. assistance. assistance. &he !ro$ect is incom!lete/ and"or it is a!!arent that little effort went into the develo!ment of the !ro$ect/ and"or !ro$ect is less than *-+ com!lete.

#ll areas of &he !ro$ect is &he !ro$ect is the !ro$ect only !artially only !artially were com!leted. com!leted. &he addressed and &he !ro$ect !ro$ect handled with submitted "e# $uests submitted a high degree demonstrates Tas!s demonstrates a of a moderate %o&'leted great deal of so!histication. level of thought. %ro$ect is thought. '(etween )*+ interesting '(etween and ,--+ and *-+ and )*+ com!lete. com!leted. com!lete. .

2reat Some difficulty 0ommunicate difficulty 0ommunicates communicati s ideas with communicatin ideas with ng ideas. enthusiasm/ g ideas/ due to !ro!er voice %oor voice %oo'erative !ro!er voice voice !ro$ection. !ro$ection. Grou' "or! !ro$ection/ !ro$ection/ #de1uate 3ittle a!!ro!riate lack of !re!aration and !re!aration language/ and !re!aration/ delivery. or clear delivery. or incom!lete incom!lete work work. Use of Use of !ictures/ font/ !ictures/ E4cellent use color/ 2ood use of font/ color/ of !ictures/ gra!hics/ !ictures/ font/ gra!hics/ Poster font/ color/ effects/ etc. color/ gra!hics/ effects etc. 'resentation gra!hics/ but effects/ etc. to but these effects/ etc. to occasionally enhance to often distract enhance the these detract !resentation. from the !resentation. from the !resentation !resentation content content. 0lassroom time was used 0lassroom time 0lassroom &he students was used to time was used did not use work on the to work on the classroom

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