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More on Tenses

More on Tenses

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More on Tenses
More on Tenses

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Published by: Zuryn Henney on Jan 02, 2014
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EXERCISE 1 Use the simple present, present continuous or present perfect to fill in the blanks.

Use short forms where you can. 1. I can’t phone home because I ____________ my mobile phone. (lose) 2. ____________ you_____________ your exam results yet? (receive) 3. I ____________ in punishing drug dealers very severely. (believe) !. "he sun______________ at present# and the cat ________________ on the $indo$sill. (shine# sit). %. &henever the head teacher _______________ everyone ___________. (enter# stand) '. (im ____________________ a moustache and nobody recogni)es him. (gro$) *. +veryone _________________ that the earth _______________ round the sun. (,no$# go) -. "he sea ___________________ do$n since this morning. (calm) .. I _______________ to lose $eight# so I _____________ three miles every morning. (try# /og) 10. I1 you ______________ your test# you may read 2uietly. (1inish)

EXERCISE 2 Use the erb pro i!e! in the present perfect or the present perfect continuous, as you think suitable. 1. 3urry up4 "he taxi __________ already ______ (wait) 1or 1ive minutes. 2. __________ you __________ (see) this video? It’s a ne$ release. 3. &ho __________ (tinker) $ith my computer? !. I __________ (rea!) several o1 lain 5an,s’ novels. %. 6ad ________________ (wash and polish) the car all a1ternoon. '. I __________ (recei e" some strange emails recently. *. __________ you __________ (follow) this ne$spaper story about the abandoned baby?

s# driving around and staying in small hotels.ing 1or$ard to the trip. :bviously# $e’ll do that a1ter $e (() _________ (stay) $ith you. I remember ho$ terrible the tra11ic $as $hen I $as there as a student and the thought o1 driving there terri1ies me4 . I _____________ (not. &e certainly don’t $ant to have a car $hile $e’re in 9ome. hear) 1rom you 1or ages 7 $here __________ you _________ (be)? . "hey’re only supposed to ta. I am currently ta. 10. 8i.s you suggested# $e plan to come to see you the 1irst t$o $ee. &e hope to stay in Italy 1or another t$o $ee. 8um and 6ad __________ __________ (talk) about you 1or the past 1e$ days. 3o$ever# I am happy to say that our 1orthcoming visit to see you (#) __________ (pro i!e) the necessary stimulus. 3e (&) __________ (!eci!e) that he’s not going to learn Italian and that’s that4 &e (') __________ (!eci!e) to hire a car $hen $e are in Italy because $e $ant to see a bit o1 the country.e t$o $ee.s a year. I (1) __________ (mean) to learn Italian 1or several years# but (2)__________ (never# %et) round to it.s very much 1or inviting us to come and visit you in 9ome.s o11 at a time# although they actually get six $ee. . he’ll regret it $hen $e get there and he can’t communicate# but you .s in (une. (ohn is still negotiating $ith his boss 1or the time o11.ing good progress. EXERCISE # $ill in the blanks with appropriate present perfect or present perfect continuous tenses of the erbs in brackets. 3o$ever# (ohn ()) __________ (work) so much overtime recently that he’s 1airly sure that the boss $ill let him have the extra time.e is bound to $in the local marathon 7 he __________ (train) hard.-. (ohn says that he doesn’t have time to learn Italian and# in many case# he’s not good at languages. 6ear (ane "han.ing evening classes in conventional Italian at a local language school and am ma. I thin.no$ ho$ stubborn your brother can be. &e are delighted to accept and are really loo..

EXERCISE & Use the erb in bol! to fill in the blank in each sentence.I $ant to boo. I hope you and 8i. ?esterday’s po$er cut (make) ___________ all our computers crash. *. &hen I __________ (arri e) home# @ally __________ (sleep) in the armchair..no$ by the end o1 the $ee. 2. (ane __________ (brush) her hair $hen the 1ire alarm __________ (soun!). I (reali. 1.e are still en/oying your /obs in 9ome. -. <ast year $e __________ (%o) to =e$ >ealand 1or our holidays. as you think suitable. 3. 8um __________ (han%) the $ashing out $hen the storm __________ (break). . "he burglar __________ (fall) as he __________ (run) a$ay 1rom the house. !. 10. 8y teacher __________ (know) that I __________ (!o) my best. . the 1lights as soon as possible and so I (*) __________ (na%) (ohn to 1ind out 1or sure about the time o11. 8y computer __________ (beha e) strangely# so I __________ (check) the settings. puttin% it into the simple past or the past continuous. 3e assures me that he $ill . (+) __________ you __________ (think) any more about extending your contracts? <ove to you both 1rom both o1 us..e) _________ that she __________ (lie). 6ave __________ (lea e) his apartment $hen I (phone) __________ him at eight. %. '.

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