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Bhrigu Samhita Santhan Upaya Khanda with notes

Bhrigu Samhita Santhan Upaya Khanda with notes

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Nadi Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Bhrigu Samhita
Nadi Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Bhrigu Samhita

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Children Related Remedies

Pages - 1 – 20 Translated by SA Volunteer Editor: Chandrashekar Sharma Project Head: Yenbeeyes

A ‘Mission Saptarishis’ Initiative

॥ अथ श्री बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड प्रा० ॥
॥ Shri Bhrigu Samhita Children Remedies Volume ॥


age Bhrigu is considered as the father of Hindu Astrology. Different stories abound as regards Maharshi Bhrigu. Brahma was entrusted with the task of creation of the world and to assist him, he wished to have a person and thus was born Bhrigu and so called as Manasa-Putra (born out of the mind) of Brahma. It is stated that Bhrigu was one of the seven great sages popularly referred to as Saptarshis. The names of Saptarshis given in ancient Hindu texts vastly differ. But the name of Bhrigu finds a place in Krishna Yajur Veda Sandhya Vandana Mantra as also in Mantra Shastra. We also find a reference to Sage Bhrigu in the Vayu Purana where he is shown present during the great Yagna of Daksha Prajapati. In Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna refers to Sage Bhrigu by saying “among the rishis, I am Bhrigu.” It is mentioned in Rig Veda that Bhrigu was the first person to acquire Agni while assisting Brahma in the creation of the world. The meaning of the word “Bhrigu” itself is “radiant”.

It is believed that Bhrigu was the first compiler of predictive astrology and also the author of Bhrigu Samhita, the astrological classic written during the Vedic Period, Treta Yuga most probably around 3000 BC. He had two wives Khyati and Pulauma. His son Shukra (Venus) was the Guru of demons. Shukra was very dear to the sage and we find that the compilations appear as conversation between Sage Bhrigu and Shukra. It is interesting to read stories involving the sage. Readers can find many stories through Internet sites. But we must know how the monumental work of Bhrigu Samhita came into existence. On the bank of the now nonexistent river Saraswati, many great rishis gathered to conduct a Maha Yagna. Immediately after four years of creation of the world and its human beings, the supreme powers realized that the human species were faced with many problems and were in deep pain and suffering. To alleviate the sufferings it was decided to conduct the Yagna. At that time Narad Muni who was present there raised a question as who would be the Master or Head for the conduct of the Yagna. All the rishis were of the opinion that the Trimurthis viz. Brahma, Vishnu and Siva are the only right persons for the task. But Narad said not all three can be the head; only one out of the three can take the lead. So the task was entrusted to Bhrigu to select the one out of three to be the head for the yagna. In the manuscript that is available with us there are two pictures which are reproduced below in this document. The first one shows the congregation of rishis along with Bhrigu ready to depart for testing the 3 Lords and selecting the right person among the three. The second picture is that of Bhrigu hitting Lord Vishnu on his chest. Now let us go on with the story. Bhrighu first went to Brahmalok disguising himself as a Brahman. At that time Brahma was busy writing Vedas and did not pay any attention to the visitor who stood in front of him. Bhrigu got infuriated and thought that when he cannot see a person just standing in front of him, how he is going to realize the problems of the mankind. So he cursed Brahma saying that he is unfit to be the creator of the world and that he will not be worshipped in this world. Immediately Brahma realized his folly and asked forgiveness from the rishi saying that he is the creator and if he be not allowed to do the creation work, the world will come to a zero. Bhrigu realized that he has infact been a little harsh on Brahma and modified his curse saying that he will be worshipped only in one place on the earth and it will be at Pushkar. Next Bhrigu went to Kailash to see Lord Shiva and find out if he is capable of undertaking the task of performing the Yagna for the well being of the humanity. When he reached Shiv Loka, he was stopped by Nandi Deva guarding the gates of Kailash saying that Lord and Goddess are sporting fun at that time and no one can see him now. In spite of

Now coming to this part of the translation. the abode of Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva requested Bhrigu to forgive him and said that it was all due to ignorance. we have in our possession the following manuscripts of Bhrigu Samhita: बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड (Bhrigu Samhita – Children Upaya Volume) . Maharshi collected nearly 5 million horoscopes and wrote predictions for their full life. you will be worshipped in the form of Linga and not in his original form. he was adamant and did not permit Bhrigu to enter inside and also did not accept Bhrigu‟s request to carry the message to Lord Shiva. It is after this incident that Maharshi Bhrigu set upon writing the famous book of astrology “Bhrigu Samhita” with the blessings of Lord Ganesha and Mata Saraswati. She could not bear the disrespect shown to her husband that too in front of her. Then Bhrigu realizing that his curse has indeed been a harsh one. she said that the curse given will become null and void and the Brahmins will be liberated if they worship Lord Vishnu.” Hearing these words the Rishi was moved and at once he was pleased and decided that Lord Vishnu is the right person to be that Master for the Yagna. he asked him. During foreign invasions of India by Muslim warriors from the north west in the 12th and 13th centuries. Lord Vishnu got up after the hit and realized what happened. he set upon his journey to Vaikunt. are you hurt in your feet? My chest is strong but your foot is not so strong. Only a small percentage of the monumental work remained and is now scattered with the Brahmin community in various parts of India. On realizing that the Maharshi had hit him with his foot. After this Lord Shiva realized what happened but it was late as the curse had already been given. To test Him he entered Vaikunt without the Lord‟s permission and saw that Lord was resting at that time with Lakshmi seated beside him. the invaders captured these prime assets of the Brahmins (as they were in their custody). On hearing this curse. Now two of the Tridevs were unfit to lead the Yagna and so with the hope that Lord Vishnu will live up to his expectations.Bhrigu telling Nandi deva that his work is urgent. It is believed that 45 million charts can be drawn if we have all the compilations of the Maharshi. modified it saying that as it cannot be taken back. There was no reaction from the Lord which infuriated the rishi and he kicked Lord Vishnu on the chest (Look at the second picture). The destruction of Nalanda University library destroyed thousands of horoscopes compiled by the Maharshi. So she cursed the maharshi that henceforth she will never visit Brahmins and they will all live without wealth. At this Bhrigu got annoyed and cursed Shiva that no one will ever worship you in this world. But the reaction of Goddess Lakshmi was quite different. That strike by the Maharshi on Lord‟s chest left a foot print there and is known till date as “Shri Vats”. “Maharshi. Maharshi told his reason of his visit to Vaikunt and Lakshmi realized that since the Rishi had come with a good intention.

We wish to thank the translators as well as our Sanskrit Editor Mr. Readers are provided with Sanskrit shlokas so that they can double check the translations before prescribing remedies. This manuscript seems to be a scanned version of a printed copy done in Meerut city and translated in hindi from Sanskrit. The name of the Meerut Pandit is not clear in the available text. accept that the process of translation into a foreign language is not an easy task. Sreeram Srinivas who passed a scanned version to the publisher of Saptarishis Astrology way back in 2006 promising that he would initiate the translation project via his contacts but due to professional commitments he was unable to do. We collected around 7 translators from the SA Team way back in early 2011 & started group translation. We salute him for bringing this out. We also wish to place our sincere thanks to the provider of the manuscript Mr. SA Team has relied mainly on the Sanskrit portion and at times the original translation into hindi was found to be not so accurate in our humble opinion but translations are one area where scholars easily differ is to be borne in mind. Chandrashekhar Sharma. Project Head Mr. Yenbeeyes who were kind enough to devote their valuable time and energy in bringing out this document in the present form. Saptarishis Astrology-Editorial team Bhrigu Samhita – Picture 1 (Confluence of Rishis) (Sri Bhrigu – Son Of Brahma) (Rishi-rishi-rishi) . Finally we wish to thank the patience of each team member involved who were humble enough to go through various drafts.Which we present by way of translation to the Astrological community and we hope it will be received well by the readers.

Pala is equal to 24 seconds. The birth time. 1 . 3. (NOTE: The Chakra is like a table and has several numbers in it. find the Ghatis leaving out the palas. Add the number that he places his finger on. 2. The Ishta Ghati of a person born at 7:44:00 AM on this day is 3 Ghatis and 2 Palas (74 minutes from sunrise). is thus: 1.This picture shows all Rishis and Advisors entrusting Shri Bhriguji. Shri Bhriguji Maharaj kicks Lord Vishnu and Shree Lakshmiji curses him. From the birth time. each number in a separate rectangle). Now use the Chakra drawn on next page. Another measure of time. to the result obtained in A Ghati is a measure of time equal to 24 minutes. on his way to perform the task. the task of testing the Tri-murtis (Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu Goddess Mahalakshmi Bhrigu Muni Method To See Results Using Children Upaaya Volume I 1 t is appropriate for the person who desires to show the birth chart to come with a pure heart and mind (शुद्ध चित्त) and offers flowers. also referred to as Ishta Ghati (इष्ट घडी) is specified in Ghatis and Palas that have elapsed since sunrise. say the sunrise on a particular day is at 6:30:00 AM. The (three step) method to examine the birth chart. For example. In the center of the picture is Shri Bhriguji Maharaj. to place his finger on the Chakra. so add 5 to the Ghatis obtained in Step 1 and save the result. sweets and fees/reward to the astrologer (who is being shown the birth chart). The house for children is the 5th. Ask the person who has come to show the birth chart and is desirous to learn about his child. using this text. Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva). Bhrigu Samhita – Picture 2 In this picture. which is brought by a person to know about his child.

Original Chakra as appearing in the manuscript 1 42 43 84 85 126 127 168 169 2 41 44 83 86 125 128 167 170 3 40 45 82 87 124 129 166 171 4 39 46 81 88 123 130 165 172 5 38 47 80 89 122 131 164 173 6 37 48 79 90 121 132 163 174 7 36 49 78 91 120 133 162 175 8 35 50 77 92 119 134 161 176 9 34 51 76 93 118 135 160 177 10 33 52 75 94 117 136 159 178 11 32 53 74 95 116 137 158 179 12 31 54 73 96 115 138 157 180 13 30 55 72 97 114 139 156 181 14 29 56 71 98 113 140 155 0 15 28 57 70 99 112 141 154 0 16 27 58 69 100 111 142 153 0 17 26 59 68 101 110 143 152 0 18 25 60 67 102 109 144 151 0 19 24 61 66 103 108 145 150 0 20 23 62 65 104 107 146 149 0 21 22 63 64 105 106 147 148 0 English Version with the numbers given in normal numerical form.Step 2 above to obtain the final number or sum. Read both sides of the Page/Card ु ) bearing the same number as the final number or sum. If someone doesn‟t have a birth chart. of the person who has the question. the result will be good. The card will have the (सपा true story. and if the Lord wishes. then use the time that the person arrives to make the Prashna Chart (Chart drawn with the time of query as the time of birth) and use the above method with this Prashna Chart. Example of the Method described above . if the Lord wishes.

add 25 to 43 to get the final number or sum of 68. 1. Add 5 (for the fifth house) to 38: the result is 43. ॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ ७ ॥ ु एतद्योगे नयो जन्म आनंदं बूहभ भंडरे सत्यवादी बावेत्वारो बृगणाऩहयबाहषत् ऩयभाथी सहवऻेमो ् देवहिजयतोहनत्यं भानकीहति हवशेषत् फहु िहदघि अमस्य ु ाद सत्कीहति कुरफधिन् सन्दयो ु ु प्रभोदीप्रसव् ऩभान ु बक्तश्च नवी नोवातिमहित् िंद्रहभत्र ऩयं प्रीती हित्तवृहत्त आशक्तमा दीघिकामोहऩ आगत्वा सफि सखं ु गरु े ो नवीनो जन्म प्राप्तमे कुरफंध ु भहाहिंता व्यतीतत् अकस्मात उऩद्रोवा कहस्मन कारं शांतमे िंद्रअल्प नसंदह ु ा ं कतिव्य ं औषधी प्रहतशांतमे वृणव्याधी शयीयेि हिह्नादेहोऩी दृश्मते मव प्राणोबम बहवष्यहत दान भंत्रि ु संदह े ो धनप्राहप्त बिहवष्यहत अहततेज प्रहतष्टोवा बाग्मवृहि हदने हदने वाभहिंता भहाक्लेशं आमन .Above is the picture of the Chakra. Please read both sides of Page/Card bearing the number 68. 3. Now if this person puts his finger on 25 in the Chakra. Please see the birth chart that a person has brought to know about his child. Select 38 (leaving the palas) 2. an example birth chart and explanatory text to illustrate with an example. This is the story of the person who has the question. The birth time is 38 ghatis and 10 pala. how to apply the method described above.

Perhaps it is said that “there will be a major accident from which he shall recover as if getting another birth”. will be worried 2 3 The Ghatis can be zero for those born soon after sunrise and such a native can select the number 0 (zero) in the Chakra. but whenever there are big occasions that involve large expenses. There will be marks on account of ulcer or due to wounds. he will gain prestige and will be very fortunate. then one will live the complete life. the planets in this native‟s birth chart are excellent. is handsome and is devoted disciple of his guru. has deep spiritual knowledge (ऩयभाथी). Editor feels it can be व्रणव्याधी. He will think about new things and will be deeply attached to one of his friends and his mind/desire/concentration becomes weak. Once there will be major accident. Similarly. the sum can also be 5 or 6 . This person will accumulate wealth in his youth. as if getting another birth (Addition by Editor: revival of his fortune or health.ु ता भहानकं हऩत्रंिदेव े ऩजाि ु ु अल्पगबोिखंडत् वंशवृहि नदृश्मंत े गप्तहिं नेकमत्नंि कायमेत ् सत ् श वृहिहवनाशनं ॥ ु ु ं बोक्तव्यभ वं सक्खहवनश्मं ती बृगवाक्यं निान्याथा सवािनद Note: वृणव्याधी . has a developed intellect through education. it can be interpreted that such natives do not have children related suffering OR that there is no remedy for such natives. Since there is no Page/Card corresponding to the sum of 5 or 6. it can be found out that the final number can be 6 in two cases: a person whose birth time ghati is 1 and he selects 0 in the Chakra OR if the birth time ghati is 0 and he selects 1 in the Chakra. However. His wife will be distressed and will have secret worries (Addition by Editor: Abortion is also talked about – अल्पगबोिखंडत्). will make his clan grow in stature. He will have medium gains. Translator‟s Note: This page and the following pages seem to be the Page/Card (s) referred above under the heading “Method to see results…. there will be opposition and a risk to life. It appears that the minimum sum can be 7. Translation of Page No. He is truthful. they will all be happily accomplished. 3 The class of men who are the repositories and communicators of sacred knowledge . since there is no 2 Page/Card for the numbers 5 and 6. 7: Shri Bhruguji says. (Editor: It could also mean very wealthy) helps other people sincerely. „O Shukra. from which he shall recover. In such a case the final number will be 5. He will gain respect and fame. There will be worries on account of family members. Recitation of Mantras and medicine will provide relief. disturbance or trouble.this particular word is not clear in the original document. is liked by everyone and has faith in God and Brahmins .

but he will be devoid of any happiness on account of children‟. He was fortunate and wealthy and had elephants.on account of progeny. O Shukra. this person will have all happiness. 8 Shri Shukraji says. So this could be the meaning. horses. Shri Bhriguji says. villages and 4 Note from Editor: खटयस KhaTa means axe and rasa also means gold or number six. „O Shukra. „O Father ! Please narrate this native‟s account of previous birth‟. There are danas of axe prescribed in some texts. ॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ ८ ॥ ु ोवाि ॥ के नकभिहवऩाके न अग्रवंशहवनाक् ऩूवग ु भ ि ाथा कथंतात श्रृणत्व ॥ शक्र ं भवांछमा ॥ ु ॥ बृगरुवाि॥ जहटरं वंश कुरे जन्म धन धान्यो बहवष्यहत अश्वऩहत गज ग्राभीि उ्यपऩदवी (Editor: Perhaps %½pdvI ) प्रधानक् िाऩ फाणकटीिाय गवन खेटान ु साहयण् भमूयो सहहतंफार वनखंडा हकरोरकं ु फिो हाहाकाय हवराऩनं भमूयोश्राऩकं दत्वा अहतक्लेशद्ख प्रधानो जहटरं िाऩ फाणसंधान कं क्रीमा भमूयोऩत्रकं ु भहाशोकं सप्तजन्म त्वमाप्रबो ॥ दारुण् भभऩत्र ् य ु ोश्राऩकं नष्ट्सऩत्रो ु ोवाि ॥ हकं दानं कस्य ऩूजाि हकं भंत्र ं हकं जाऩकभ भम ु बूहभ भंडरे ॥ ॥ शक्र ु ु भ प्रभाणकं भमूयो ऩत्रकं ु काय हित्रंतहे वहधऩूवक ि ं यक्तिंदनहभश्राणी गंगा ॥ बृगरुवाि ॥ स्वणिऩत्रहरहऩक्रत्वा मग् जरस्नानकं खटयस4दानसहहतो गामत्री भूरभंत्रकं िंद्ररऺ प्रभाणेन श्रिाभंत्र जाऩकभ ् ऩहितहवप्र ददेत्दानं ु उच्चाणि भंत्रकं ॐ एं ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं फटुक ब ैय वाम आऩदिायणाम ऩूवश ि ाऩ हनवानािथं (Editor: I think this भख ं भनवांहछत परप्रदा ॥ should be “invar[arayaw¡ “)स्वणिभमूय दानकुरुकुरु स्वाहा इदंदानं कृ तेसत Translation of Page No. That is six axes to be donated . this person had taken birth in the Jat community in one of his earlier births. He will not have a son and if he has one then he will either not be long lived or will desert his parents and leave them wandering.

He went to hunt in the forest and killed the peachicks of a peacock. ॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ ९ ॥ ु ऩहयबाहषत् ऩाऩक्रुय ग्रहाऩूजा क्रमते पर ु ु एवंग्रहा हवयाजत्वा स्रेष्टऩत्री सहखनय् सदशा परप्राप्नोती बृगणा ् बाग्मवृहि हवशेषन ु े भनवांहछत परप्रदा ग्रहाऩूजा नकतिव्यभ ् अधि प्राहप्तनसंशम् िंद्रस्त्री भहाप्रीहत प्राप्नमात आनंदं अहतध्यानकं आद ऩिनंि हवद्यामां अंतहवद्या हवसाजिन ं फहुहवद्या नप्राप्नोती कामिभात्रंि हसिहत अष्टभे ु क ं ामं हववाहोत्सव भंगरं सप्तिंद्र हभतेवषे सून्ययाभ हभतेतथा बाग्म षोडशेवषे फारवृहि हदनेहदने तातंधनं शब ् ु ता शयीयेि शत्रऩ ु ऺ हवयोधता े धनप्रीहप्त न िशंसम् देहकष्ट हवजानीमात औषहधप्रहत वृहि हवशेषण शांतमे गप्तहिं ु भ अल्पगतेकाव्य ऩूण ि आम ु नशंसम् व्यमदीघि हवजानीमात ् छत्रहिंताि प्राप्तमे गप्तं ु िधन प्राप्नोती मग् कहस्मन्कारेन संशम् ऩत्नीगबंि हित्वा अल्पजीवीि फारक् आदहष ि हवजानीमात ् ऩश्चातेशोक फूडनं ु ु ि प्राप्नोती ऩत्र ु सख ु हवनश्महत वाभहिंता भहाक्लेशं बृगणाऩहयबाहषत् सविसखं ॥ Translation of Page No. by chanting of which mantras and by making what type of donation can such a sin of the past lives be removed. the native has to first make a golden plate from two gold coins5. so that this person can obtain happiness on account of sons. He was a high ranking chief. make a picture of a peacock using red sandalwood paste.) It is advisable to propitiate cruel and malefic planets due to which there will be good fortune and desires will be fulfilled. one will definitely enjoy happiness on account of sons‟. (but on account of several cruel and 5 This has to be suitably modified for the modern ages . please tell me. and donate the plate and 6 axes to a learned Brahmin. „O Son. similar to the suffering that he has given the peacock‟. the peacock cursed the Chief to suffer children related sorrow for seven lives.everything else. (Editor‟s comments: I think this means he gets good results in planets that are functionally benefic. Shri Bhruguji said. listen to story of this native‟. Seeing its dead children. „O Shukra. 9 Shri Bhriguji says. „His birth chart is very good and the benefic planets will give good results in their own dasha. On doing so. Shri Shukraji said. chant Gayatri mantra. „O Father.

If there is any pain or exhaustion in the body. Then I find talks of marriage about the 17th year of age. So getting married between 12 to 16th is not apparent in the original Sanskrit text. „O Shukra. There will be worries on account of loss of house Translator‟s Note: The text talks of छत्रचििंता. thus etc. There will be opposition from enemies. Editor‟s Comments: I find reference to 8th and 16th year together with reference to studies at the beginning of education and end of education at the end of the period. His wife will conceive. it can be treated by medicine. He will have good fortune between the years 17 and 30 and will gain prestige. He will be married between the ages of 12 and 16. Kindly check the Sanskrit translation. there will only be partial fulfillment. He will suffer for a short time two times and will live for 72 years. is to be patient and even if not educated will gain more prestige than those who are educated. will be able to distinguish between truth and falsehood. which I have interpreted to mean lack of shelter. he shall get half the results in a good dasha. but he will not have any happiness on account of his children‟. (Editor‟s comments: I think what is said is that even if the malefics are not propitiated. shelter etc. There are other meanings such as son. but then what we have is the print copy of a text. Wealth obtained from father. which did not seem relevant here) will be spent for auspicious works. Translator‟s Note: The meaning of word तात is taken as father. ॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ १० ॥ ु ोवाि ॥ के नऩाऩ प्रबावेण ऩत्रं ु सख ु हवनश्महत ऩूव ि जन्म कथा-कथ्यं उच्चायण हवहधऩूवक ि ं ॥ शक्र ु ु ु र हवयोधता ज्येष्ठ भ्रातंि बृगरुवाि॥ िाकुय वंश कुरे जन्म फहुसेवी नयोबवेत ् कोटऩहत गजग्राभीि फंधक ु ु ु िभृत्यदा ु ऩत्रोवा अधिबागीि फारक् तात भृत्य ु बवेरोके सभाता देव ऩूजनं िाकुये रोबकं काणॎं भ्रातृऩत्रं ु द ं देत ॥ भातािदेव भंद्रस्य (Editor: This should be actually m<idrSy) दीघिशाऩ भख . The native may come across secret wealth sometime.) The native will be intelligent. Then we get the reference to 30 years coupled with increase in fortune. will weigh carefully others speech. but the child will be short-lived and will cause suffering for mother and father’. this native will enjoy all kinds of comforts on earth. since छत्र means umbrella. to me.malefic planets). There is no doubt that the Sanskrit used is not always correct.

by chanting of which mantras and by making what type of donation can this curse of the past lives be destroyed. on this make a picture of a male using sandalwood paste. and after taking a bath in water from the Ganges river. Shri Bhriguji says. His elder brother died leaving his wife and one son behind. Please tell me about his past life‟. ‟. and this will result in cancellation of the curse. „This native was born in a line of thakur (ठाक ु र) and he had lots of elephants. horses and villages and was very wealthy. chant Gayatri Mantra 50. „O Father. ॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ ११ ॥ ु ऩहयबाहषत्भध्यबागी सखीरोके ु ऩत्रहित्वाग्रहहिदं फरवीमि सभहित् उद्यभेन धनं प्राहप्त बृगणा धन प्राहप्त ् े उ्यपऩदवी ि प्राप्तमे ऩूव ि ऩाऩ ग्रहाक्रूयं फरवीमि हवनाशनभ अतस्ते ऩहयश्रभी कामिकृत्य हवशेषण षां तूशांहतश्च ु ता हवनश्मंहत भहनच्छा ऩूहयतं तत् हवद्या ु भहादानं सविसौख्य प्रद्सदा गप्तहिं कतिव्याहह हवहनहश्चतभ अनष्ठान . Shri Shukraji said. His sister in law cursed him in the temple for many births‟. he became greedy and killed his brother‟s son on account of a dispute on the division of property. such a native should have a gold vessel made using seven silver coins (टिं क).ु ोवाि ॥ भृ० हकं दानं कस्य ऩूजा ि हकं भंत्र ं हकं जाऩकं फंधव ु श ू ाभ भख ं ाऩं सविऩाऩंि नष्टकं ॥ शक्र ु बृगरुवाि॥ स्वणिस्य प्रहतभाकायं सप्तटं क प्रभाणकं ू ति गंगाजर स्न्नानकभ नयकायं हर खेन्मह ु गोहवंद वासदेव गामत्रीभंत्रकं जाऩं अधिरऺ प्रभाणकं भंत्र संतान गोऩारं श्रिाभात्र कयंतथा ॥ देवकी सत जगत्पते देहह भेतन मं कृ श्न (Editor: Should be कृ ष्ण) त्वाभह सयणं ( Editor: zr[< ) गत् श्रेष्ट हवप्रद देत्दानं सविश्राऩ हवनश्महत ॥ Translation of Page No. Shri Bhriguji said. „O Sun. as also Santan Gopal Mantra several times with devotion. 10 Shri Shukraji says. so that this person can obtain happiness on account of sons‟.000 times. please tell me. While his sister in law devoted her time to in offering prayers to God in temples. „On account of what sin this native does not have children.

will be kind. this native is very hard working and strong. this native will manage big engagements. O Shukra. ॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ १२ ॥ ु ोवाि ॥ हकं कभािनसाये ु ण ऩत्र ु सख ु हवनष्यहत ऩूव ि जन्म कथा सवं कथ्येत े भहु नसतभ्बा ॥ शक्र ु ु ऩ ु त्र ु कथा सवं कथ्यंत े हवहधऩूवक ि ं वैश्म वंश कुरे जन्म अहत तेजो प्रहतष्ठमा रोकरऺ बृगरुवाि॥ भूर ॥ श्रण ु ब्राह्मणंऩत्र ु अनरब्धं ि ु ातय ऩहतख्यातो वहुदासी हनज क्रत्यमे हय्वा अन व्याऩाये अकारो दीघिबहू भकं ऺध ु िताडमेत ् रष्टभष्ट ु प्रहायेण हिजऩत्रं ु िभृत्यदा ु ऩत्रं ु भत्य प्राप्तमे वैश्मती क्रोधकं कृ त्वा ब्रह्मऩत्रं ृ ु दृश्मंतात कहिनं शाहऩतंददेत ॥ ु ोवाि ॥ हकं मत्नंकुरुतात ऩूव ि शाऩहनवाणं जाप्यऩूजाभहादानं हक्रमते ऩत्र ु सक्खकं ु शक्र टी० ॥ . However. but he will not have happiness on account of children. he cannot even dream of children related happiness and there is no remedy for him‟. he will progress in his education.ु कामं हववाहोत्सव भध्यभा प्रीहत फार क्रीडा हकरोरकं हभत्रऩऺ ऩयंप्रीहत आनंद बूहभ भंडरे ताते धन शब े ो हवद्यादीघि प्राप्तमे सत्यवादी प्रफक्ताि नहवनो हित वनं क्रते जरं ऩश ु बमं रोके भंगरं ऩत्नी प्राहप्त न संदह ु ाविा ि प्राप्नोहत आनंद बूहभभंडरे ऩत्नीप्रीत शत्र ु ऩऺ हवयोधता नवीनो कामिकंकृ त्वा धन राबं बहवश्महत मव ु ु क्खं ु न े ऩत्रस सखीरोके हवद्या ऩिन ऩािनं फंध्या मोगेि प्राप्नोहत अल्पगबोहऩ खंडत् वाभहिंता हवशेषन ु ि बोक्तव्यं सतयहहतो ु ि ाऩ प्रबावेण वंशवृहि हवनश्मंहत सविसक्खं दृश्मते ऩूवऩ न संशम् ॥ Translation of Page No. he will be confused and may remain fickle.) he will have secret worries. will solve a lot of problems for people. will be engaged in good activities and obtain a high status by his hard work. his wife will be from a good family. use his father‟s wealth for good activities. will maintain affection with friends. fortunate. 11 Shri Bhriguji says. loving and merciful. he will be disturbed as the cruel planets render other planets weak. „O Son. On account of sins of the previous birth. on account of cruel and malefic planets due to past sins (Editor‟s comments: due to this. his worries will be eliminated. his hearts desires will be fulfilled. will not wish ill of anyone and instead will wish well for everyone. By propitiating the benefic planets and by large donations or donation of lands (which are also called Mahadana).

in one of his earlier births. „O Father. 12 Shri Shukraji says. „O Shukra. „O Shukra. Once there was a big famine and several poor people used to wander in search of food grains. make a golden plate from 8 coins.ु ु हरखेन्मह ू ति गंगाजर स्नानकं ताम्रऩात्र धृतभ ू े ं ध्य बृगरुवाि॥ स्वणं ि प्रहतभांि ैव अष्टभाशा प्रभाणकी हिजऩत्र ु दानो परप्रदा स्वणि भूहतिप्रवेशकं भध्यकार प्रभाणं ि संकल्प ब्रह्मणंददेत श्रेष्ठहवप्र ऩिं हवद्या शब ु िसंदह े ो वंशवृहि हदने हदने ॥ ऩत्रप्रहप्तन Translation of Page No. then children will be obtained‟. Seeing his son dead. the father gave a severe curse to the trader/merchant. this native was a trader/merchant. take a vow and donate it to a well educated excellent Brahmin. He was very wealthy and used to sell food grains. please tell me. please describe what has this native done [in his previous birth] that he sees all happiness except children related happiness‟. ॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ १३ ॥ ् ु ण नयो जन्म बवीतरे ु ु अस्यखेटानसाये फारवृहि बवेल्लोके आदक्रीडामथा क्रभभ कारान सायहवद्याि भंत्रौषधी िकायमेत ् तीक्ष्णफहु िहयऩोहं ता भध्य बागी ु सखाहित् प्रराऩीशीरवान्ज्ऻेमो हफवरश्चकहरहप्रम् ु ऩनो ं ु श्चऩरोफार मस्यजन्मश्च भोहदता याजिायान ् धनंप्राहप्त हवद्याबूषण बूहषत् रूऩवान ् गणसं सद्र ु ु गता् सवरं दीघिदह ु े श्च तभोगणहवशे भासेफष िसखं षत् प्रताऩीसखद्सवे हेभयत्नौहविबहू षत् सकाभश्चऩरोफार ु हप्रतीकायक् सजने हहयण्मधनबूहभश्च ु हभष्टवक्ताहयऩद्रोही ु र् फहु िश्रेष्ठसहनभि ु ता गप्तहिं ु जाते हितोबवेत ् वाहनाहदसखं ु् हसंहतल्यऩयाक्रभ् ु तप्यतेहयऩव्सदा ु ो फहुबृत्यसभामक्त श्रेष्ठग्रहोहऩजन्मश्च . make a picture of the Brahmin son using red sandalwood paste. Shri Bhriguji said. what efforts should this native do so that curse of the past lives be destroyed. The trader/merchant became angry and pushed them and in doing so. Shri Bhriguji says. what types of prayers should be offered which mantras should be chanted. what type of donation should be made. place that in a copper vessel containing ghee. „O Father. the Brahmin child lost his life. so that this native can obtain happiness on account of sons‟. have Gayatri mantras chanted. Shri Shukraji said. During this time a Brahmin child came to his shop and requested food grains from him.

as I narrate to you the fruits borne by the specific placement of planets in this native‟s birth-chart‟. is fortunate. is naïve and doesn‟t cheat or deceive people. will obtain favors from king. 13 Shri Bhriguji says. is handsome and virtuous. will have secret affection for one friend. will grow his wealth. will wear good clothes and ornaments. ॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ १४ ॥ ् ु ोवाि ॥ के न कभि हवऩाके न ऩत्र ु मोगश्च खंहडत्ऩवि ु जन्म कथंतात्कथ्यंत े हवहधऩवि ु कभ ॥ शक्र ु ु ऩ ु त्र ु कथासवाि ऩूव ि ऩाऩस्यकायणभ ् ऺत्रीवंश सभत्प ु नो याजभंत्री भहाधनी बृगरुवाि ॥ श्रण ु ु सखीनय् ु रोकं िधेनहवख्यातो अहत सयो िाऩवाणकृ ते धायण ु गवनखेटानसयण् भृगफाण वधोऺत्री ु त्रं ु ाऩभख ु िभृत्यदा ु भृतक ऩत्र ु दृश्मंतात ् हाहाकाय हवव्हरं साधश ु ं दत्वा हत्रमजन्मसतहीनकं ु साधऩ ॥ ु ोवाि ॥ हकं दानंकस्यऩूजाि हकं भंत्र ं हकं जाऩकं साध ु शाऩ हवहनभक्त ु िु ो ऩत्रजीवहनसं शक्र शम् ॥ ु ु भभद्र ु ाप्रभाणकं यक्तिंदनहभश्राणी गंगाजरस्नानकं वस्त्रआबूषणंदानं बृगरुवाि ॥ स्वणिस्यप्रहतभाि ैव मग् ु भफारं िभूतम ु प्राहप्तन िसंशम ॥ ि े संकल्पंिददेहत्वप्र ऩूज्यत ि ं इदंदानक्रतेसत ं ोहवहधऩूवक ं ऩत्र मग् . he will have diseases but will live a full life. will be from a good family. is clever. has incisive intellect. wins over his enemies. It will be difficult to have children and if there are any children. will be involved in good activities. He will see suffering on account of one person. will setup large industries. is brave and courageous. will be happy. may get intoxicated by bodily pleasures. his wife will have worries on account of children. chants mantras. „O Son! Listen carefully. „This native is highly educated. they will cause suffering to the parents. will speak sweet language. is modest. This native will have all happiness but there will be no happiness on account of children‟.् हऩत्रguéÉR´ भऩ ् ु ु कुशरं रबेत भातृ ु वद्राजतेनय् हिजदेवाििनोहप्रहत हयऩोहऩदासवच्चयेत बोगभै सकामि ñyR संमक्त ु सशीरश्चत ु गंिक्लेशता िंद्रहभत्रभहाहप्रहत् ु ु ोधनी फहुऩीडाभनोिेग ं फंधव कीहतिहवख्यातबूतरे धनऩूणोतृषामक्त य ् आशक्तोहत भोहहतभ॥ Translation of Page No.

Shri Shukraji said. Shri Bhriguji said. „O Shukra. „This native can obtain child related happiness by making a gold plate from two gold coins. who was passing by with the disciple. by offering what type of donation and by chanting of which mantras can the curse of past life given by the Sadhu be destroyed and this person can obtain happiness on account of sons‟. the Sadhu was full of grief and he cursed the Kshatriya that he would suffer children related sorrow for the next 3 births. in one of his previous birth.Translation of Page No. Bhriguji said. which have destroyed any possibility for children related happiness‟. ॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ १५ ॥ ु ऩत्रहितग्रहाए् ते ं हू भभंडरे आनंदब े ो बूहभराबनसंदह ं ु य् बाग्मशाहरश्चसद हवहित्रोवातिमाकथ्यं ु गप्तहिताशयीयजा हऩतृवाक्यकयोवार् ु बृगणा ऩहयबाहषत् ु प्राहप्त भासेवषेसखं अंतफंधहू वयोधता काभहक्रडाहकरोरक्रुत्त ् भ्रातबग्नीिउत्पन हभत्रऩऺेऩयंप्रीहत रािबोबवहतनान्यथा िंद्रअल्पहवजानीमात ् नवीनोजन्मप्राप्तमे आदौऩिं िहवद्यामा् अंत े हवद्या हवसाजिन ं फहुहवद्यांनाप्राप्नोहत कार्य्िभात्रंिहसिहत हिबामािमोगप्राप्नोहत ु ऻानवांश्चसखीनय् दीघिकष्टंहवजानीमात ् ऩश्चान्तेिऩयाजम् ु िसंशम् गप्तहप्रहतन कहस्मनकारबोकाव्य औषहधभंत्रशांतमे नवीनोवातिमाहिंत्त ं उऩद्रवीअकस्माश्च प्राणंबमहतहिंतमा छत्रहिंताबवष्यंहत अधिप्राहप्तिदृश्मते बमहिंताहवशेषत् ु मंऩत्र ु जरोऩशब धनंव्यमहवशेषत् ु सविसक्खिदृश्मं ते संतोषीध ैमिधायीि ु बृगवाक्यं निान्यथा ु ऺहवयोधंि शत्रऩ ु खं ु हवनस्यहत ऩत्रस अहतक्लेशभहाहिंता ऩत्नीकष्टहवशेषत् ॥ . He should then first take bath with water from the Ganges. on which should be drawn a child using red sandalwood paste. He once went on a hunt to the forest and from a distance. On doing so. please tell me. „In the past life. He shot an arrow at the deer: the deer escaped. take a vow and by performing appropriate ritual. „O Father. this native was a Kshatriya and he was an intelligent and wealthy king or minister. what sins has this native committed. donate the plate along with clothes and ornaments. he will definitely obtain children‟. 14 Shri Shukraji prayerfully requested his father. On seeing his disciple dead. he saw a deer. and his arrow hit and killed the disciple of a Sadhu (renunciate).

It is also said that his wife shall be especially unhappy due to not having progeny. modest. will gain from land. follows his father‟s advice. there will be secret worries. will have earthly comforts. and his wife will make a lot of efforts to obtain children. he will have difficulty in obtaining children. he may have worries on account of lack of shelter (छत्रहिंता). He will fall in love with another lady. virtuous. He will be satisfied with what he has. he may take on debt. will take particularly devoted to a person. Editor‟s Notes: I think. will be an expert in sexual arts. He will not have a lot of education.Translation of Page No. has brothers and sisters with whom later there will be enmity. (Editor‟s comments: There is no reference to losing elders) will have arguments with his enemies. not having progeny is being talked about by saying he shall not have happiness of progeny. but whatever he has will be sufficient for his needs. handsome. will experience sadness and once his life will be saved and he will get a new life. he will do upayas for sufferings on account of ancestors. he will have diseases. thinks carefully about everything. 15 Shri Bhriguji says. „This native is fortunate. have affection for friends. (Editor‟s comments: Also his having 2 wives is told). (Editor‟s comments: His wife shall be specially troubled) but due to sins of previous birth. ॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ १६ ॥ ु ोवाि् ॥ के न कभिहवऩाके न संतत्फंशहफनाशक् ऩूफज ि न्मकथंतात उ्यपायणभभप्रहत ॥ शक्र ु ु ऩ ु त्रकथां ु ि ाऩंिकथ्यते वैश्मवंशकुरेजन्म यसत्योगीिवाहणमो हत्रमसऩ िगृहवासं बृगरुवाि ॥ श्रण सवं ऩूवऩ ु ु ु द ि ाऩभख ं त्वा तातऩत्रोहतनागकं गृहदेवकुरुयऺा वैश्मरस्न्िाप्रहायकं नागऩत्रिमभृ त्य ु अहतक्रोधोउऩद्रवं सऩश ु सप्तजन्मसत्हीनकं ॥ ् ु ोवाि् ॥ हकं दानंकस्यऩूजाि हकं भंत्र ं हकं जाऩकं सऩश ु खं ु रबेत ॥ ि ाऩहवनस्यंहत वैश्मऩत्रस शक्र ु ु ाप्रभाणकं तन्मध्येकाभफीजंि यक्तिंदनभ ् हरखेत ् वस्त्रआबूषणंदानं बृगरुवाि ॥ स्वणिस्यप्रहतभाि ैव हत्रमभद्र ् कल्पंदहे वप्र गामात्रीभंत्रजाऩकं सविशाऩहवहनभक्त ु खबहवष्यहत ु िु ो ऩत्रस षटयसअनकं ददेत सं ॥ .

16 Shri Shukraji said. by offering what type of donation. Then Shri Shukraji said. One day. that he and his wife do not have children related happiness‟. to protect his house. using red sandalwood draw pictures of two snakes on this plate. „The native should make a golden plate using 3 coins. „O Father. In doing so. I will narrate a story about one of his previou s births. ॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ १७ ॥ ् मशस्वीगणवान ् जीवो ु ु त्रावान ु ऩत्रेग्रहा् हिताएवं दीघिबागीिरोकभा सदाहष िभहोत्साहो हित्तोदाय सऩ सत्कीहति ु सतनष्टकं अल्पहवद्यािप्राप्नोहत ऩत्नीप्रीतो बहवष्यहत फहु िवांश्चहवशेषत् अकस्मातउऩद्रोवा ु तािप्राप्नोहत गप्तहिं धनव्यमहवशेषत् फहुमत्नंिकतिव्यभ ् ु ोवाभस्रेष्टमा ितय प्रभेहव्याहधकं देहं ु ऩनो बागवान्गणसं ं ऩूजनं वंशवृहिनदृश्मंत े शीघ्रोवीमिस्यखंडक् वैद्योऩामकं कृ त्वा औषधीप्रहत शांतमेहऩतृऩीडाग्रहेहनत्यं भातृदव ै ि गबिअल्पंिखंडत् भहत्प्राहप्तभहोत्साहो बाग्मवृहिनसंशम् वंध्यािमोगप्राप्नोहत राबप्रीहतहदनेहदने उच्चऩदवीिप्राप्नोहत ु ताहतव्याकुर् सतहिं ग्रहकष्टशयीयेि ु प्रहसिोधेनरोकभा ु खं ु नदृश्मते ऩत्रस येिनंब्याहधयक्तम् काहस्मन्कारेभहत्राबं हिन्हदेहस्यदृष्टम् व्रणव्याहधशयीयेि . he killed the snake‟s two children using sticks. what sins has this native committed in his previous birth. „O Father. „Listen. and donate this plate along with clothes. the snake cursed the trader that he would suffer on account of children for 7 births. Then Shri Bhriguji said. his curse will be destroyed and he will have children who will live. Editors Comments: It also talks about having to inscribe the KambIja “क्लीं” in the center of the plate on which the golden replicas are made and having to recite Gayatri mantras with sankalpa.Translation of Page No. Then Shri Bhriguji said. ornaments and grains with six types of tastes. by performing which rituals and by chanting of which mantras will the curse of this native‟s past life be destroyed and this person can obtain happiness on account of sons‟. Seeing his two dead children. This trader was very rich. O Son. He was a trader/merchant and in his house stayed a snake and the snake‟s two children.

. this native has committed many grievous sins‟. This translates as he will have great wealth. his profits shall grow daily and he would be enthusiastic.) but he will not have children and if he has. Due to the effect of planets he shall have diseases of blood and loose motions (or even disease where he loses blood that is bleeding piles). He would happy after 30 years of age however on account of curse (of previous life) due to great sins. so listen carefully‟. „O Son. At some time. At some point in time his fortune will increase. he shall not have progeny. but this can be cured by medicine. (Editor‟s comments: I think “garbhaalpaMca khaMdata” गबिअल्पंिखंडत् means abortions or premature delivery resulting in loss of the child. The native will be loving and caring and will have a pure heart. he will be very intelligent. his mother will propitiate gods to obtain children. His wife will be fortunate. clever and from a good family. „This native will be fortunate.) and this may happen many times. He may have a diabetes type of disease due to which there will be loss of virility. There will be suffering on account of ancestors. will be virtuous. will have good son. All his life. however.ु प्राहप्त भासेवषेसखं ु स्वप्नंदृष्टम्॥ ु ख सत्स राबो बवहत नान्यूथा ु तात शाऩाथंनऩत्रं ि ाऩभहानकं ऩूवऩ सविऐश्वमिप्राप्नोहत Translation of Page No. he will have suffering on account of them. Chandrashekhar‟s comment: I think “भहत्प्राहप्तभहोत्साहो राबप्रीहतहदनेहदने ग्रहकष्टशयीयेि ु प्रहसिोधेनरोकभा येिनंब्याहधयक्तम् काहस्मन्कारेभहत्राबं बाग्मवृहिनसंशम् उच्चऩदवीिप्राप्नोहत ु प्राहप्त राबो बवहत नान्यूथा शाऩाथंनऩत्रं ु तात ऩूवऩ ि ाऩभहानकं व्रणव्याहधशयीयेि हिन्हदेहस्यदृष्टम् भासेवषेसखं ु ु खस्वप्नं सविऐश्वमिप्राप्नोहत सत्स दृष्टम् ॥“ has not been translated here. will not be very educated. Even when child is conceived. he will have gains but he cannot see child related happiness even in his dreams. shall be famous for his cattle and there would be some marks due to abscess or wounds on his body. he will face obstacles which will result in a loss. generous. In his previous birth. will be happy and ever enthusiastic. He may develop some secret worries at any time. he will get higher degree of education. will gain prestige. Though having great wealth he will not have progeny even in his dreams. I will narrate this native‟s live story. it will be aborted (Editors Comments: “Vandhya” is a woman who is incapable of having progeny. who will get destroyed. 17 Shri Bhriguji tells to Shri Shukraji.

bring them to the town and sell them. Shri Bhriguji says. Then he will have children who will live and extend the lineage of this native. He caused the death of creatures living in water and earned a lot of money from it. In a previous birth. „O Son. 18 Shri Shukraji says. feeding the fish. by offering what type of donation. please tell me. he should obtain a large amount of food grains and get them grounded into flour. this native was born in the Shudra caste. I would like to know as to which of the past life acts (of the jataka) are told by the sages of the past. by what type of good deeds and by chanting of which mantras such grievous sins will be resolved and this native‟s lineage will progress. He was a fisherman and he used to catch fishes and other creatures living in water. Then at Haridwar or any other place where Ganges flows or at a pond at a religious pilgrimage. He should feed Brahmins and offer them gifts in gold and offer them sweetmeats. he should release each pill in the pond or river while chanting the name of Lord Ram. „O Father. „O Father. where there are a lot of fishes. „O Shukra.॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ १८ ॥ ु ोवाि ॥ के नकभिहवऩाके न ऩूवज ु े शबहवष्यंहत श्रण ु त्व ु भ ि न्महु नकथ्यते ऩत्रक्ल शक्र ं भवांछमा ॥ ु ु ऩ ु त्रहतध्यानकं ु ि न्मकथाकथ्यं श्रण बृगरुवाि ॥ ऩूवज शूद्रवंशकुरेजन्म भीनकायोहतकृ त्यमा जरजीवफधोहनत्यं ् ु सख ु हवनश्महत ॥ भच्छकृ त्यं धनंरबेत हतहहऩाऩपरं प्राहप्त ऩत्र ु ु ि ाऩप्रणस्यंती फंशफृहिहदनेहदने ॥ सक्रोवाि ॥ हकं दानंकस्यऩजाि हकं भंत्र ं हकं जाऩकं ऩूवऩ ु ु रुवाि ि ं िंद्ररऺप्रभाणेन ं िूणक भ्रग ॥ याभनाभहरऩीकृ त्वा हवप्ररेखधनंददेत फहुअनंिसंग्राही गोधूम्रि ु गहटकायाभअं हकत् हहयिाये कुशावते ि ारकं अथवातीथत याभाहकतंददेत्ग्रास भीनदीघंिबोजन ु सख ु बहवष्यहत ॥ स्वणंिदहऺणाहवप्रो फहुहभष्टनबोजनं दीघिदानकरूजीव ऩत्र Translation of Page No. On account of these sins. Shri Bhriguji said. . which has led him to suffer for progeny. He should then make one lac pills with this flour with the name of Lord Ram on them. he is deprived of children related happiness. listen carefully the events of the precious birth that I am telling you. Shri Shukraji said.

he will see all happiness except children related happiness on account of sins of previous birth‟. listen about a male born in the yogas in this birth-chart‟. This native and his wife will always think about having children and will make a lot of efforts.॥ बृग ु संहहता संतान उऩाम खंड बाषा टीका सहहत ॥ ऩृष्ठ १९ ॥ ु ु रं भानवििन ं जन्मतो भातृवाधामां भासेभासेसखं ु गत् दंतव्याधाज्वयोजाता येिनंतत्रशांतमे नेत्र एतद्योगेनयोजाता सक ु वषितथाऩंि वारक्रीडामथाक्रभं वृणव्याधीभहाकष्टं दीघिमत्नेनशांतमे भ्रातमोगंिप्राप्नोहत बृगणाऩहयबाहषत् अष्टभे िादशे वषे ु कामं हववाहादीिभंगरं हवद्यामोगप्राप्नोहत ऩत्नीहप्रहत् प्राप्तमे िंद्रहभत्रभ हाहप्रती षोडशाव्देिहफनाशक् तातंधनंशबं आनंदम्भूभड ं रे तातराबव्यमंदीघं ु गप्ताहिं ताबहवष्यहत अल्पगबिभहाकष्टं ु खहवनष्यहत ु ऩत्रस े ो कामिक्रत्यनसंदह राबंबवहतनान्यथा िंद्रनेत्रहभतेवषे सून्ययाभहभतेतथा नहवनोक्रतक्रतेजीव उच्चऩदवी ि प्राप्तमे अहततेजप्रहतष्ठोवा ु णंिदृशमंत े बाग्मवृहिहदनोहदने देहकष्टबमंघोयं औषहधभंत्रशांतमे वाभक्लेश बहवष्यंहत वंश वृहिन िदृश्मते आमऩू ु िधनं प्राहप्त बृगवाक्यं ु ु प्राहप्त आनंदभ ् सून्यसप्ताहव्दके तथा सविकामंिहसिंती बूहभरािबबहवष्यहत गप्तं निान्यथा भासेवषेसखं ि ाऩंिश्राऩाथं अग्रवंशनदृश्मते ॥ बूहभभंडरे ऩूवऩ Translation of Page No. which will be cured by medicine. there will be fever. will live long life of more than 70 years. „The native will be born in a good family and he shall make his family‟s reputation grow. Any possibility of a child is destroyed. 19 Shri Bhriguji said. dental problems and problems related to lungs (Editor‟s comments: means purging or loose bowels etc. (Editor‟s comment: I think it is said that the prediction of Bhrigu shall not go in vain) . and he will have deep affection for a close friend. between 21-30 years. He will have a painful disease. He will use his fathers‟ wealth for auspicious works. „O Shukra.) (Editor‟s comments: At the age of 2 and 5) and these will be relieved through efforts. his mother will have some suffering and she will get weaker by the month. will obtain a high post. he will get married and his wife shall love him. he will initiate new business. He will gain from earth. secret wealth. obtain praise and glory and gain prestige. There is a possibility of having brothers and sisters from age 7 or 8 until 12 or 16. O Shukra. there is a possibility of good education. He will have gains and income.

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