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Choose the best answer and write the

time word

1.She ________ Red Riding

Hood last year.
a) played b) has played
time word: _____________
2.They __________ tea.
a)had just b) have just had
time word: _____________
3.She ___________ to
school by car yesterday.
a)didnt go b) hasnt gone
time word: ____________
4. ______ she ________
a)did/ever go b)has/ever
time word: _____________
5.He __________ a teddy
bear in 2009.
a) bought b)has bought
time word: _____________
6.They __________ the
a)have already done b)did
time word: _____________
7.He __________ a
magician two years ago.
a) has been b) was
time word: _____________
8.They ________ travelled
to another country.
a)have never b) did never
time word: _____________

B. Write the correct tense and match to the


1.She _________________
(just/pick) some roses.
2.She __________________
(not/wear) a red dress last night.
3. _________ they ___________
(ever/dance) together?
4.He _______________
(already/build) some strong
5. ___________ she __________
(read) a book a few minutes ago?
6.They _____________ (not/be)
friends for a long time.
7.He __________________ (not/eat)
lunch yet. Hes very hungry!!
8. ____________ he _____________
(take) a photo of them?
9. They ______________ (hold)
each other yesterday to feel safe.