Follow Aziz Surge Relief Valve For Cross Country Pipelines Introduction


Pak Arab Refinery operates 16” dia – 870 Km long cross country Crude Oil Pipeline (KMK Pipeline) from Karachi to Mahmood Kot. Operating parameter of the Pipeline are:

Flow rate :750 m³/hr Maximum Operating Pressure :1250 psig


It is planned to install Surge Relief Valve (SRV) at bypass line of some critical Block Valves (BV) of the pipeline in order to mitigate surge pressure rise resulting from accidental closure of the Block Valve.


Atmospheric tank due to theft issues cannot be provided for discharge of Relief Valve. However, its discharge may be connected to downstream of same Block Valve (See attached drawing for reference). There is approximately same pressure at upstream & downstream of block valve during normal operation. However, pressure difference (delta P) across the Block Valve will increase when the valve start to close.

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but hopefully you have done all the simulations and looked at different valve clousure speeds. Mokveld make a very good. but first make really really sure you need to do it and examine all the other optios before doing it this way . You should also consider accumulators unless the volume is too big. I've never seen a line valve cause this level of surge as the normally close very slowly.Follow Matthew Matthew Guite • First off you need to be sure that this is required. or slow last 20%. but relief to the downstream portion could be done with any relief vavle. almost certainly need to be pilot operated to avoid the variable donwstream presusre issue. but expensive. valve that will do this (axial flow valve). No attached drawing.

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