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Assistant Waiter

Assistant Waiter

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Published by: Kevin Carrillo Reina on Jan 02, 2014
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Position Description

Position Title: Assistant Waiter
Revised Date: 04/21/2008

Provides food service to guests in all Restaurant Operations areas by performing t e follo!ing essential duties and responsibilities outlined belo!"

#ll duties and responsibilities are to be performed in accordance !it Royal $aribbean %nternational&s 'old #nc or (tandards) (*+ standards) ,(P- and -#$$P guidelines) environmental) and !or. place safety policies and procedures" /ac s ipboard employee may be re0uired to perform all functions in various food and beverage service venues t roug out t e s ip" %n accordance !it Royal $aribbean %nternational&s p ilosop y of Anchored in Excellence ) eac employee conducts oneself in a professional and courteous manner at all times" T is consists of p ysical and verbal interactions guests or fello! s ipboard employees and/or in t e presence of guest contact and cre! areas" 1" Participates in rotational service delivery sc edule) !or.ing in casual dining service and various ot er food and beverage service venues" Observes all establis ed security and guest privacy procedures ! en delivering to staterooms" 2" Provides assistance and support to assigned team of 1aiters ! ile !or.ing in t e dining room to ensure efficient and seamless service delivery of all meals to guests" 2" 3earns and uses appropriate food and !ine terminology and pronunciation to en ance t e guest&s dining e4perience" 5ecomes familiar !it menu descriptions and !ine lists in order to discuss items appropriately !it guests" 4" Obtains linen) silver!are) glass!are) and c ina to set tables" 6" #rranges settings on tables per 'old #nc or (tandards" 7" 'reets and escorts guests to t eir assigned seats per 'old #nc or (tandards" 8" Presents bot food and beverage menus to guests) suggests dinner courses) appropriate !ines and ans!ers 0uestions regarding menu and !ine selections per 'old #nc or (tandards" +a.es recommendations to entice guests ! ile meeting management goals to reduce particular inventory stoc." 8" Relays order to galley as re0uired and serves courses from galley and beverages from various locations" 9" 'arnis es and decorates dis es as re0uired prior to serving" 10" /nters food and beverage orders in t e point:of:sale system" 11" +aintains assigned station including table pieces) side stands and c airs per t e clean s ip matri4 and public ealt standards" 12" Observes guests to anticipate t eir needs and responds to any additional re0uests and to determine ! en t e food and beverage service as been completed" 12" Participates in dining room entertainment as directed by establis ed activities and specific itinerary adaptations suc as t eme nig t parades" 14" #ttends meetings) training activities) courses and all ot er !or. related activities as re0uired" 16" Performs related duties as re0uired" T is position description in no !ay states or

ob:related duties assigned by t eir supervisor or management" QUALI I!ATIONS Minimum hiring.ob) t e s ipboard employee is regularly re0uired to stand) !al.ob include close vision) distance vision) color vision) perip eral vision) dept perception and ability to ad. internal candidates are required to fulfill the following: +ust fulfill all re0uirements as stated in <$ art =our $ourse< or meet t e e4ternal iring re0uirements as detailed above" +ust ave been in current) permanent position an absolute minimum 90 days !it a performance rating of satisfactory or above in t at position before applying" +ust complete one full contract !it a performance rating of satisfactory or above !it Royal $aribbean %nternational before any placement !ill occur" >o !ritten !arnings on file !it in t e past 12 mont s" +ust successfully complete t e process for s ipboard .ob applications" Lan#%a#e Re$%ire&ents: #bility to pass %(? +arlins Test level 2" #bility to spea. /nglis clearly) distinctly and cordially !it guests" #bility to read and !rite /nglis in order to understand and interpret !ritten procedures" T is includes t e ability to give and receive instructions in !ritten and verbal forms and to effectively present information and respond to 0uestions from guests) supervisors and co:!or.ers" P()sica' Re$%ire&ents: 1 ile performing t e duties of t is .implies t at t ese are t e only duties to be performed by t e s ipboard employee occupying t is position" ( ipboard employees !ill be re0uired to perform any ot er . "irin# Re$%ire&ents: T!o years previous !aiter e4perience) preferably in a 4 or 6 star restaurant" #bility to apply customer service s.ers" #bility to perform basic mat functions !it regard to meal count procedures" $ompletion of ig sc ool or basic education e0uivalency preferred" Interna' !andidate Re$%ire&ents: In addition to the stated hiring requirements.ills according to Royal $aribbean %nternational&s 'old #nc or (tandards ! en interacting !it guests and co:!or. language and physical requirements to perform the job.) use ands to touc ) andle or feel) reac !it ands and arms) tal.ust focus" #ll s ipboard employees must be p ysically able to participate in emergency life saving procedures and drills" ?ull use and range of arms and legs as !ell as full visual) verbal and earing abilities are re0uired to receive and give instructions in t e event of an emergency including t e lo!ering of lifeboats" #bility to lift and/or move up to 60 pounds" . or ear and taste or smell" (pecific vision abilities re0uired by t is .

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