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Silo Wine and Beer

Silo Wine and Beer

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Published by Maura Judkis
The wine and beer list for Silo in Washington, D.C.
The wine and beer list for Silo in Washington, D.C.

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Published by: Maura Judkis on Jan 02, 2014
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Wine Kila Cava Adami Bosco di Gica Brut Prosecco Chateau de l’Aulée Cremant de Loire Biutifiul Cava Rosé

Inacayal Pinot Grigio (from endo!a" Argentina (#hich is $no#n for al%ec& instead of Italy& Pé'iere uscadet La$e Chalice (auvignon Blanc Cha'outier Bila)*aut Blanc (a #hole line of #ines dedicated to +%lind #ine)o’s& *,llerer Gr-ner .eltliner Bernier Chardonnay (from the Loire instead of Burgundy/ slightly oa$ed and only a little malolactic fermentation& aison 0oucher .ouvray 1r2 3agner Ka%inett Riesling Chateau de Basty Beau4olais a!!olino 5erra!!e Pinot 6ero (an Italian Pinot 6oir/ rare& Il .olano 5oscana Chateau Blouin Bordeau7 (right %an$ Bordeau7& 5angley 8a$s erlot 9ose'h Carr Ca%ernet (auvignon Peter Lehmann Portrait (hira! 0rancois .illard (yrah (#anted %oth a (hira! and a (yrah to have guests taste the difference in the same gra'e from different regions& 1o!on Chinon Draft Beer Atlas Bre# 3or$s Ro#dy Rye (su'er ne#" su'er local& :volution Luc$y ; Porter 0oothills 5orch Pilsner *of%r<u *efe 3ei!en (one of the oldest %re#eries in the #orld = held the e7clusive right to %re# *efs for over >?? years& 1ogfish *ead Indian Bro#n Ale (three different %eers in one@ (cotch Ale" IPA and Bro#n& Boulevard A? Acre *o''y 3heat (first hy%rid of ho's vs2 #heat %eer&

Allagash 5ri'el (#ill %e the only restaurant in 1C selling this on ta'& Port City :ssential Pale Ale 5erra'in oo)*oo (Premium 1istri%uting has allocated B of their last C> $egs to us = delicious mil$ stout made #ith cocoa ni%s and shells& (tone IPA agner’s Cider

Bottled/Canned Beer PBR 5all%oys Guiness Cans 0lying 1og Atlantic Lager 0lying 1og Raging Bitch (cult %eer& Buc$ler (6DA %eer& Lagunitas Lil’ (um'in’ Great 1ivide Colette Port City 8'timal 3it :ggen%erg *o'f$en Pilsner Bell’s 5#o *eated (one of the to' domestic %eers& Anderson .alley 8atmeal (tout 1elirium 5remens

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