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The Greatst Miracle in the World

The Greatst Miracle in the World

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The Greatest Micracle In The World is seldom recognized by even those who know about it.
The Greatest Micracle In The World is seldom recognized by even those who know about it.

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Published by: lelandmary7322314 on Sep 08, 2009
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Complied By
Elie Vallot


For Those Who Have Ears
This comes from the annals of our Holy Church, O’ precious soul of God. ‘The Spirit of God made thee and the Breath of the Almighty gave thee life” (Job, 33:4) What I have found is freely given to all who wish it and if not, accept my prayers for you.”

“Grace is to possess the light, power and wisdom of God, in yourselves that is to possess intellectual likeness to God; the unmistakable sign of your affiliation with God....Not all the souls in grace possess grace in the same measure. Not because God infuses in different degrees but because man manages to preserve it in different ways. Mortal sin destroys grace; venial sin causes it to crumble; imperfections make it anemic.”

In Scripture we see the many miracles of Jesus. And the GREATEST MIRACLE was:

“On that Thursday before His death he gave the world in need of Redemption His Body and Blood, under the species of bread and wine. This is a miracle because of its form, duration, and nature, and of the extremes and omits it attains, is so great that a greater one cannot possibly exist. It is so powerful, and supernatural, inconceivable by proud men that only a very few will understand it as it is to be understood and many will deny it. Condemn them, no, have mercy on them.”

Eternal Life
Jesus said, “If you do not eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and drink His Blood, you will not have life in you. Whoever eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood will have eternal Life and I shall raise him up on the last day. And also: I have come that they may have Life and have it to the full. For this reason He gave his life. But woe to those who knowingly make the Bread of Heaven their condemnation, the toxin that kills using the most sublime

3 Sacrament sacrilegiously. And harm as well to whoever limits its transforming power by receiving it with indifference and lukewarmness, without a real will to transform himself in God and with Gods help to be increasingly worthy to receive it. Communion does not cease when you leave the Church or when the Species have been consumed in you. It lives No longer materially, but still lives with its fruits, ardors with the cohabitation or rather the inhabitation of Christ in you.”

Tabernacle Of God
“You call the Eucharist vessels, the tabernacles, and all that touches the Most Holy Sacrament Sacred. But it only a container, for the Most Holy Host is the Body of the Lord Jesus, JESUS EUCHARIST, But what then will your body become into whose interior the Most Holy Body and Blood descends and vanishes in the Species absorbed like every food of man, by the juices changing it into your blood! Your blood, the blood of you that fed on the Most Holy Eucharist contains what was the Species of the Most Holy Body, just as your spirit retains the grace which issues from the complete Body, endowed with Flesh, Blood, and Soul like that of every man and in addition with Divinity. For it is the Body of the Divine Word. If your body should be holy because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who descends into and breaches, what should it become to be a worthy tabernacle for the…..” “…. God who comes to dwell in you- even more to fuse with you, to absorb you since the lesser cannot overcome the greater, You are one with Jesus Eucharist, HE IS YOU... “ “…:He is you and you are He, what an Inestimable Grace, You are in Him with Him and one with the Father and Holy Spirit Now, the prayer of Jesus “That they all may be one, as thou Father in Me and I in thee, that they may be one in Us. (John, 17:23) is fulfilled.” Catholics receiving Jesus Eucharist have a MIRACLULOUS UNION to become one with Him It is only in the Holy Roman Catholic Church that this is obtainable, which marks it the True Church of Jesus Christ!!! The separated brethren rejecting Jesus Eucharist endeavor to “feel God and bring God to be felt,” by seeking instead a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” …”They speak the language of God to persuade themselves they are still his brothers and saved by him. But the melancholy of separation is upon them and in them. They are truly undernourished.” Let us suffer and pray for them” Sadly, Catholics and even Priests also seek to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ like the separated brethren. Perhaps they have forgotten or never understood the Radiant Truth of Jesus Eucharist. Let us suffer and pray for them also. “With every effort you should imitate the Virgin, to whom the Word united Himself to the point of becoming Flesh of her flesh and Blood of her blood......Hail Mary Mother of Jesus Eucharist, I entrust myself to Thee!!!”


His Agony On The Cross

“His head falls on His chest, His body leans forward, the trembling stops, He breathes His no more on the cross of our sins. He has breathed His last. He is dead. How could anyone suffer such a horribly painful death? Love for you…. “The angel of His sorrow, (St Gabriel) showed Him the hopes of all those who have been saved through His sacrifice as medicine for His dying. Your names, Each name was a drop of medicine instilled into His veins to invigorate them and make them function, each of them was for Him real life coming back, light coming back, strength coming back….”


… “During the cruel tortures to avoid shouting His grief of man, and in order not to despair of God and say that He was to severe and unjust to His victim, He repeated your names to Himself, He saw you!!! “ “Since then He blessed you, since then He carried you in His Heart. And when the time came for you to be on Earth He leaned out of Heaven to accompany your coming rejoicing at the thought that a fresh flower of love was to be born into the world and would live for Him. Oh, you blessed ones! The comfort of the dying Christ, His Mother, the pious women, the disciple present at His death and you were there as well. His dying eyes saw with the tormented face of His Mother, also you loving ones and they closed thus happy to be closed because they saved you who deserve the Sacrifice of a God. “

Lessen the suffering of Jesus on His cross.
How? Since Jesus suffered and died on the cross for all of our sins till the end of time, all you have to do to lessen His suffering at the time of His Passion Crucifixion, and Death is to sin no more from this very moment. And His suffering will be less than if you continued to sin.

Be love, in one with Love go to Confession, and as St. Paul says… “That in the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth: (Philippians. 2:10) And when you receive Him

remember that if, at His name you must bend your knees, what must you do in reverent gratitude when you receive The Greatest Miracle In The World?!!!
MiniBook Series Compiled and organized from the reading of Elie Vallot from “Il Poema Dell’ uomo-Deo” (The Poem Of The man-God) For the book go to: http://www.heandi.qc.ca/mariavaltorta.net/

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