To start, you will need

1. Polymer Clay
(red, yellow, black, white & beige) I use Fimo Soft, but you may use what you like.

Condition clay before working with it.
To condition: s uish, roll, !ush, s uee"e, etc., until clay is !liable.

#. Clean $lat work sur$ace. %. Clay cutting tool or long smooth cra$t kni$e. &. %'&( circle )em!er Cutter or Ca! $rom bottle. *. + large, dull needle, or similar ob,ect.

Images should show u! in the -..!/ wide, but $or some reason, not all o$ them are. 0et me know i$ you ha1e any uestions, or i$ you need me to email you images. lilbeadbrat (at) yahoo (dot) com

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