(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis.

Thanks to HarperCollins and delweiss.! "rys is heading to #ondon to guard $rince %ichard& as part of the 'aery (uard& but once she "eets hi" she feels so"ething odd& and for so"e reason it)s like %ichard can al"ost see through her cloaking. *hen a shocking event leaves no doubt that a dangerous situation is afoot& "rys decides to break all the rules and reveal herself to %ichard to be able to best protect hi"& but she didn)t plan on falling in love with hi". *ho is sending the fae to attack %ichard+ ,nd can "rys ever give up everything to really be with hi"+

This was a good -, fantasy ro"ance& but I liked the other storylines "ore than the ro"ance. "rys was an interesting character. I liked how devoted she was to her .ob& but I also liked how she used her discretion and gut feeling& and knew when to do so"ething that was technically against the rules. I liked the storyline in this book& and I have to say that the writing was beautiful. The writing had a real ro"antic feel to it& and really was a pleasure to read. I liked the way the story flowed& and I liked the little twists that I didn)t see co"ing. I did feel that the ro"ance took over this book though. 'or once I actually liked the storyline a lot "ore than the ro"ance& and when at /01 the book suddenly beca"e all about the ro"ance it lost a bit of its spark for "e. The book did pick up again a little towards the end& but the first half was definitely the better part of the story for "e. The ending to this was satisfactory& although there was plenty of roo" left for a se2uel. I)" not sure yet if this is going to be a standalone or the start of a series& but personally I think the way this book was left it could go either way and be fine. 3verall4 a good -, fantasy5ro"ance.

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