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NASA Space Shuttle STS-98 Press Kit

NASA Space Shuttle STS-98 Press Kit

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NASA press kit for the STS-98 Space Shuttle mission. Published by NASA in 2001.
NASA press kit for the STS-98 Space Shuttle mission. Published by NASA in 2001.

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Published by: Orion2015 on Sep 08, 2009
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DTO 263


Shuttle reboost of the space station using the automatic reboost software requires jet-
firing separation to avoid excitation of the joined Shuttle/ISS structural natural
frequencies. Accurate specification of this jet-firing separation requires measurement of
the on-orbit joined structure natural frequencies. A brief execution of the reboost
software using benign parameters, such as burn length, will allow acquisition of
structural dynamics data to validate the preflight estimate of the structural natural
frequencies and damping and, thus, the jet-firing separation time.

The structural natural frequencies can be measured using the shuttle inertial
measurement unit downlinked data, and the jet-firing separation time can be
implemented by display inputs by the crew. This DTO is appropriate for shuttle flights to
the ISS between availability of OI-28 reboost software and availability of the vernier jet
reboost capability and which have a significant structural configuration difference from
previous flights.


This is the first flight of DTO 263.




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