VISTA Inkjet Printing Details Job No Designer Job Title Output Date Printing Specifications "te# Si%e &ualit

' "nk)et *esolution +aterial WN 0270 Weihan KLG Glass Sticker 30 !0 20!3

Glass $anel Sticker Varies, please refer to .AI file Out(oor !200 (pi Opening Hours & Tel Number: Diecut Sticker (White) Icon Signage Vinyl Sticker 1es !pc 1es ! pack 3! !0 20!3 34p# ."ST5 Klang

,inishing $./ $ipe *ing 0oles String Diecut &uantit' "nstallation $acking Deli2er' Deli2er' Location Special Note6

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