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Woodland Caribou Patrick Cuomo

Rangifer tarandus caribou

Habitat and Range

At-risk Status: The woodland caribou is currently listed as endangered by The Committee on the Status of ndangered Wildlife in Canada! The Woodland caribou is listed as endangered because of "redation and habitat loss! #ogging has had a great toll on woodland caribou$ reducing their habitat$ and making it easier for "redators to hunt them!

Conser%ation actions: &n most "ro%inces$ it is illegal to hunt woodland caribou! &n the "ro%inces which woodland caribou can be hunted the "o"ulations are monitored closely to maintain a steady herd!

The 'uture: &f the woodland caribou(s habitat is further destroyed$ the s"ecies could become e)tinct$ but if "eo"le continue to monitor their "o"ulations and a%oid habitat loss$ the s"ecies could maintain a le%el "o"ulation and "ossibly e)"and

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