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HO Yld%: Sales 100s: High: Last:

The yield, or rate of return, The total amount of stock The highest price paid The last price paid for

on a stockholder’s investment. traded during the previous for the stock during the stock at the end of
It is figured by dividing the day. This example shows the previous day. the previous day.
annual dividend by the current that 1,558,400 shares of
price of the stock. this stock changed hands.

52-Week Yld Sales

High Low Stock Div % P/E 100s High Low Last Chg

63.88 35.31 XYZ Comm 1.76 3.9 15 15584 45.73 42.20 44.58 -0.07

52-week high
and low: P/E: Change:
The highest and lowest Low:
prices paid for the stock Div: Short for price/earnings
ratio. The price of a share
The lowest price paid
for the stock during
The difference between
the last trade and the
during the past year. Short for dividend. A dividend
is when a public company of stock divided by the the previous day. previous day’s price.
decides to pay a portion of company’s earnings per
its profits to stockholders. For share for the last year.
each share of stock owned, a
shareholder should receive
$1.76 from the company’s
annual profits.
The name of the company. Every
stock traded on a securities In 2001, the NYSE became the first U.S.
market also has a symbol. Some market to become fully decimalized,
newspapers list an abbreviation trading in dollars and cents instead
of the company’s name instead
of the symbol. Many financial of fractions.
websites let you type in the stock
symbol or the company’s name Today, many people also read stock
to find out its symbol. tables in real-time format on the Internet.

Grateful acknowledgment to The New York Times, an NYSE-listed company,

for allowing us to use their Business Section to show how NYSE stocks are listed.
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