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Elastic Impression Materials

• Reversable Hydrocolloids


Polyether Impression Must be poured immediately but can only be

poured once. They lack dimensional stability
due to syneresis ( the ease in which water can be
released and imbibition ( the rate that water can be
Parag R. Kachalia,
Kachalia, DDS absorbed).

Jessie V. Vallee, DDS Excellent dimensional accuracy.

Requires additional equipment to use and special impression

impression trays

Elastic Impression Materials Elastic Impression Materials

Review Review
• Polysulfide polymer, commonly referred to as rubber • Condensation silicones
Pleasant to use, short setting time.
High tear strength
Hydrophobic, stability is only fair due to
Messy, unpleasant odor, long setting time (10 minutes) dimensional change with time.

Poor dimensional stability, should be poured as soon as Should be poured immediately.


Elastic Impression Materials Elastic Impression Materials

Review Review
• Addition Silicone (Aquasil) • Polyether (Impregum

Excellent dimensional stability, very accurate, short setting

setting time,
Excellent dimensional stability, pleasant to use, short automix and auto dispensing systems available.
setting time, automix is available.
The set material can be very stiff, new formulations offer softer
Hydrophobic, some have surfactants added to set material. Care must be taken with the stiffer set materials not
to break teeth when separating casts form the impression.
empart a hydrophilic characteristic. Can imbibe
Will imbibe moisture if stored in a moist environment.

Some release hydrogen gas after setting, requiring a

delay in pouring

Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE)

Monophase Wash

Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE) Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE)

Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE

Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE

Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE

Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE

Volume indicatoron
On Pentamix
Pentamix machine

Polyether (Impregum-
(Impregum-3M ESPETh
• This technique is essentially the same as the one used for the
Aquasil impression
• Load the tray with monophase Material from the Pentamix
• Load the impression syringe with the wash material.
Custom Tray Wash
• Either place the extra wash material on the occlusal surfaces of
the remaining teeth in the arch or place some wash material on
the top of the monophase material in the tray.
• Syringe the wash material around the preparation, watch the (Wash – Wash technique)
material completely cover the margin and completely cover the
• Seat the tray and leave supported but undisturbed until the
Impragum has completely set, approx. 5 minutes.

Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE

• Custom tray must be perforated

• Custom tray must have the polyether adhesive

applied to all internal surfaces

• Must only use wash material in custom tray.

Never use monophase with light body wash in
custom tray.

Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE

Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE

Polyether (Impregum-3M ESPE Today’s Lab Assignment

• Load custom tray with Impregum wash material • Refine preparation for tooth #20
• Load Impression syringe with Impregum wash material • Fabricate a provisional restoration using
• Inject wash material into sulcus around the Integrity.
circumference of preparation, do not remove tip of
syringe from the mass of material until entire • No lecture this afternoon
preparation has been covered. • Afternoon Lab
• Seat the custom tray. Let tray remain undisturbed until Make Impregum impression #20 using custom
Impregum has completely set, approximately 5 minutes tray. We must get an acceptable impression by
after the tray was seated. the end of today’
today’s laboratory session.

Today’s projects Due Next Week

• Refine FVC prep tooth # 20 • #20 FVC preparation
• Fabricate a provisional – Please put this tooth into a second typodont for your
– Ideal provisional to be graded by 12:45 P.M. instructors to grade during your practical

• Take a final impression on tooth #20 utilizing • #20 provisional

Impregum impression material in a custom tray • Both projects should be available for grading at
• Impression should be completed by 4:00 8:00 A.M. on 11/19/2008
• Practice a new #20 for the practical next week.

Practical Protocol