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NASA Space Shuttle STS-91 Press Kit

NASA Space Shuttle STS-91 Press Kit

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NASA press kit for the STS-91 Space Shuttle mission. Published by NASA in 1998.
NASA press kit for the STS-91 Space Shuttle mission. Published by NASA in 1998.

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Published by: Orion2015 on Sep 09, 2009
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Experiment Objective

xThe purpose of this experiment is to determine the in-flight risk of renal stone formation during
prolonged exposure to microgravity, and to determine which risk factors are affected by flight

Experiment Description

It has been suggested that space flight increases the risk of kidney stone formation, and the risk is
proportional to the time spent in space. This risk is assessed using methods similar to those used on Earth:
urine samples are collected over time and analyzed. The concentrations of ions and minerals present in the
urine indicate the chances for renal stone formation. Samples are taken prior to launch, in flight, and after
return to Earth. These samples are compared to determine if an increased risk of renal stone formation
exists in microgravity. The results from this study will provide a better understanding of renal stone
formation, which may lead to ways of counteracting the formation of these stones both in space and on

Flight Protocol

Associated hardware for this flight was transported to Mir on STS-89. Urine will be collected over several
twenty-four hour periods during the NASA 7 mission, then it will be preserved and returned to Earth for
post-flight analyses on STS-91. A metabolic log will be kept to monitor food, fluid, medication intake, and
exercise to assess any environmental contributions to renal stone formation.

Mission Assignments

Previous Phase 1 Missions

Mir 25

STS-76, Mir 21, NASA 2


STS-79, Mir 22, NASA 3
STS-86, Mir 24, NASA 6
STS-89, NASA 7

Peggy Whitson, Ph.D., NASA/Johnson Space Center
German Arzamazov, M.D., Institute of Biomedical Problems

Edited by Richard W. Orloff, 02/2001, Page 33


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