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NASA Space Shuttle STS-85 Press Kit

NASA Space Shuttle STS-85 Press Kit

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NASA press kit for the STS-85 Space Shuttle mission. Published by NASA in 1997.
NASA press kit for the STS-85 Space Shuttle mission. Published by NASA in 1997.

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Published by: Orion2015 on Sep 09, 2009
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The Belgian SOLCON is a unique instrument designed to examine the effects of the total solar irradiance (TSI), or
the Sun's total energy input into the Earth/atmosphere system, by using spaceborne radiometers to try and pinpoint
within 0.01 percent the absolute value of the TSI. Solar energy is the only external source of energy for Earth, thus a
primary natural driver for climate change. The measurement of TSI is important for researchers studying the effects
of global warming. By making data observations from the Shuttle and the ability to return the instrument to Earth
and recalibrate it, SOLCON provides an opportunity to measure the TSI without the potential spacecraft degradation
from solar radiation that other orbiting instruments may suffer. Ultimately, SOLCON provides researchers with a
"quality control" capability for checking continuously orbiting TSI measuring instruments. On STS-85 SOLCON
researchers will compare measurements of TSI with the DIARAD/VIRGO instrument aboard the SOHO spacecraft,
and make comparisons to the ACRIM instrument aboard UARS. SOLCON flight operations will work in
conjunction with the Belgian Space Remote Operations Center installed at the Royal Meteorological Institute of
Belgium and perform experiments in preparation for experiment operations aboard the International Space Station.

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