All the contributors are copyright holders of their own music, texts and images, unless otherwise noted !isrespecting intellectual rights could ha"e conse#uences That is, you$ll be going straight to hell! %&ust li'e we are ( Than's to all the contributors and people who downloaded this compilation Shoutout to the )rimtown gangstas! 0ail Satan!

Compiled by )ird*+, Co"er by -atcheeba -oo'let by )ird*+, Additional artwor' by P .merson /illiams

SATANIC PANIC! Slaughtered babies Their heads blown off their shoulders in the climax of their rituals, blood splattering the ceiling li'e a"ant garde art !on$t you worry the police officer will clean it all up, they lea"e no trace

This is what you will remember in 1esmer$s grasp 2ou will remember the other girls, caged, chained, ensla"ed 2ou will remember their swollen pregnant babies, and crying eyes 2ou will remember how they too' your first child at thirteen, your second at fourteen and after that it becomes a blur

"ery time you go under the surface a fresh new horror will appear. your mother. in between school.SATANIC PANIC! The rapes and the torture. another child and another birthdays and hanging with your friends 2ou "ictim 2ou will remember the damp cellars. your uncle and your teacher The The 3udge was in on it. a new abuse. as was your first therapist the cluttered garages and remote synagogues 2ou will remember the wax candles. their friends and a local politician and the faint guttural chanting 2ou will . will remember the hand of your father. This you find while swimming in the dar'est di"e into that blea' place. a new pledging themsel"es to a life of orgies and la'e of forgotten memory 2ou ta'e di"e after cruelty All the people in your life neighbours. the robes remember why 2ou will remember the sacrifices done in his name The goat$s head on the alter 2ou will remember them all pledging themsel"es to dar'ness and e"il. where the phantoms 'eep appearing . hand.

SATANIC PANIC! 2ou will remember a ruined childhood 2ou will remember it all All the atrocities that ne"er happened 4ristian A -35r'elo – 4ristian A -35r'elo is a fol'lorist and writer with extensi"e interest in alternati"e religion and underground phenomena .

-lac' Sabbath. bought me a boo' on all the dangerous and satanic music I must ne"er e"er listen to This boo' introduced me to !a"id -owie.SATANIC PANIC! 2ap Papaya Protect 2ou /hen I was a 'id. and !eep Purple amongst many others This is my than's6for6the6boo' song . a Christian minister. !io. Alice Cooper. my father.

as it would ha"e been dubbed had it happened today( 1y sister went through the same thing. if you write a silly song. only with 0arry Potter The moral of the story is. in my family it was rampant I had my comic boo's and my records thrown away by a father who was furious about the fact that I did not belie"e 1arilyn 1anson or Al &ourgensen were to blame for the Columbine massacre %or terrorist attac'.SATANIC PANIC! Although the Satanic Panic was pretty much o"er as a phenomenon when I grew up. turn the drums way up and ma'e it a dance trac' http788www last fm8music82ap9Papaya .

occultronic. ambient.SATANIC PANIC! Andreas -randal !ecei"ed Prolific Norwegian experimentalist exploring dar'. electroacoustics and electronic noise http788andreasbrandal bandcamp com8 http788www andreasbrandal com8 .

=.. : http788www last fm8music8-atcheeba .SATANIC PANIC! -atcheeba /itch :I 0A. A /ITC0 INSI!. )<T T0. I 4N</ 0</ S0.

Anders . Petter -erntsen http788soundcloud com8blit>'riegbaby 'imAtrineog'im no . Alan -elardinelli.SATANIC PANIC! -lit>'rieg -aby Incinerator Symphony ?@ -lit>'rieg -aby li"es -lit>'rieg -aby sometimes shouts out through a hole in the minds of the following indi"iduals7 4im S5l"e.. -3eima.

SATANIC PANIC! =yder Barms !ar' Past -lac' =2!. often pretending to be married to &ohn 0olland Through this lo"e. music was born and named =yder =yder Barms began releasing her music in early C+@C 0ea"ily influenced by DA! and current drag8gra"e wa"e artists http788soundcloud com8ryderfarms .= BA=1S 6 was born on a tractor She grew up eating corn and listening to The Cocteau Twins =ecently she came across a song by Salem and fell in lo"e.

offering in honour of CEsar Antichrist7 :The -leeding Sand )lass 0earts: !ipsomaniac 0igh Priests officiating at this $Pataphysical <rgy were7 =aymond Al" 4ristiansen .dwardsJ no permission as'ed.gge7 )oose Stepping 1achines. but we bless them both with the perfume of our nocturnal emissions! . none granted. 1iddle6finger Casio /i>ardry. The -leeding Sand )lass 0earts =ecorded in the ceremonial crypts of the Septentrian College of $Pataphysics A )yron . Fnholy Tape 0iss Ter3e G"erHs7 Incantations. !iluted )old )uitars Iyrics sal"aged from a burnt diary7 Bragments of a poem by Alfred &arry translated by Paul .SATANIC PANIC! )yron .

http788www last fm8music8)yron9. )yron .8Iast fm9Co mpilation .SATANIC PANIC! Io"e K <ppned'ors.

Slay the Na>arene -elie"e it or not. as she 'new a good exorcist They ne"er went through with the exorcism. . when I was in secondary school one of the teachers there called in my mother for a conference to let her 'now that I was posessed by demons It wasn$t such a huge problem though. to my great disappointment though -ut I guess I$d ne"er wind up on a compilation li'e this if they had I wonder where she got that insane idea It$s not li'e a stabbed my genitals with a crucifix e"en http788soundcloud com8gird*+.SATANIC PANIC! )ird*+.

SATANIC PANIC! Lenarch Ill"minated %Balse Blag Sacrifice( L. but be careful . initiates can discern the identity of the demonic presence beneath and ma'e contact them sel"es.NA=C0 ha"e already infiltrated and left their calling card =iding the electric wa"es and controlling all machines. including The 1achine from within Sounds are crafted to e"o'e extra6dimensional consciousness The members of L.N6<PS is in full effect and if you are one of the few who can handle the inner 'nowledge.NA=C0 dwell between space and they mo"e in this dimension through possession of human hosts Through examination of the esoteric meanings hidden beneath the names. you will soon be briefed L.

SATANIC PANIC! -y exposing yourself to L.NA=C0 "ibrations. you allow them to ride the energy through your ner"ous system and neurons 0ow your being reacts to the current depends entirely on your le"el of Illumination 1embers7 MNOPQR %wretched( STUPVUQWTXYZP %scorned( TOTTPW[R %forlorn( \Y]W^_]R %bestial( `MaQR %sorcerer( http788www panicmachine com8 .

the exploitation8torture of %non6human( animals. it mo"es thematically %within a nihilistic intention(. which was formed in the middle of the year C++b 1usically inspired by %old school( Industrial. amongst other things. Post Industrial. -ruitism and similar genres.SATANIC PANIC! Brostwinter Causa !ella 1orte %1aldoror$s !uality( Brostwinter is a !eath Industrial8!ar' Ambient one6man pro3ect from )ermany. %metaphysical8cultural( pessimism and a general reflection about degenerated manners of the human species http788www last fm8music8Brostwinter . about the deconstruction of the anthropocentric world"iew by the occident. 1usi#ue Concrcte.

a d: "inyl single. music for an electro6art exibition in -ergen. Slowburn.SATANIC PANIC! Continental Bruit The Sad )ospel Continental Bruit %&on Iaerum( started off in @. 4obi to mention a few 0e is currently wor'ing on new material for his much awaited next release http788soundcloud com8continental6fruit . -atcheeba.D on his A'ai Axb+ and borrowed e#uipment A contribution to a cassette following the first issue of )old Sound> fan>ine and a selfmade cassette :Taste li'e good: established him as a name on the norwegian electro8impro" scene Iater he has released C C!s. contributed to a numerous compilations and collaborations such as Andreas -randal..

SATANIC PANIC! !ead S'ull Incon"incible http788www cyberfarts nl8 .

electronic music https788www faceboo' com80alsteds http788+thers bandcamp com8 http7880alsteds bandcamp com8 . for noise. it was simply a remixing concept Currently has e"ol"ed into a signed act on -a'u Shad !o =ecords.-18I!1 noise trac's =on currently has started up a label named :0AIST.SATANIC PANIC! %o(ehers -ad Things %o(ehers is the solo wor' of =on !$Andrea Starting in the summer of C++d. ambient. releasing original .!S:.

SATANIC PANIC! It$s not o"er yet It ne"er ends )rimtown =ecords C+@C .